Toy Story 3 on Ice

14 March 2011

Disney.  Madness.  Saturday we drove up to Detroit to see Toy Story 3 on Ice at the Palace.  It was a surprise for Myles and Finn.  They watched Toy Story 3 on the way up there, just to get in the mood for what was to come.

The boys each chose to get Lenny Binoculars as their special toy.  I was steering them both toward the light up Buzz Lightyear that spins around and looks insane, but they were having none of that… so two Lennys came home with us.  Along with two Buzz Lightyear steins full of lemonade and $7 worth of Disney popcorn which is just like regular popcorn only Disney flavored with magic.

MAGIC, I say!

Dave and Lenny the Binoculars.

toy story 3 on ice 007

Myles and Lenny.

toy story 3 on ice 003

Finn did not move a single muscle and I am pretty sure he didn’t blink the entire first act.

toy story 3 on ice 030

Buzz Lightyear’s bad ass entrance.  He flew in from the ceiling with fireworks shooting out of his feet.  Every child in the place was in awe, as were some of the adults.

toy story 3 on ice 048  

Dave’s favorite.  Fifteen dancing, life-sized Barbie dolls in 1980s spandex aerobics Barbie outfits.  Hawt.

toy story 3 on ice 066

Booo Hiss.  Lots O Huggin’ Bear along with Buzz, Barbie & Ken.

toy story 3 on ice 098

What I didn’t get a photo of?  Lots of other Disney madness OR the lady next to me who was in her mid forties and who SANG along to almost every song.  She also squealed like a child every time Mickey Mouse made an appearance and screamed, “We LOVE Disney!!!!” and then quietly said right after, “Well, I do.”

The boys absolutely positively loved it.  Dave and I were even amused with the show.  And you know the lady next to me enjoyed it.   

A very special thank you to our friends Lisa & Arik for the tickets.  Your proper thank you is forthcoming.

How was your weekend?  Filled with magic Disney popcorn?


Alexis said...

I used to love to take my kids to those Disney Ice Shows!! I get all nostalgic every time I see the ads on TV. So jealous, now I have to sit through Justin Beiber movies :)

@JessEsco said...

Wow that was pretty impressive! Um my weekend was filled with the Croup. It was awesome. Ok it wasn't horrendous but it sure wasn't filled with Disney and popcorn.

deborah said...

the best thing about disney? no room for cynicism. you were in my neck of the woods....sort of. it's been years since the ice show days. who doesn't love woody and buzz? i swear that wasn't me next to you all. :)

Kelly said...

You just gave Finn and Myles every little boys dream! Glad you all had fun.

Carry Grace said...

OH, how fun! My boys would have had a blast.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What fun :) I can't wait to do things like that when my boys get a little older.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Aw, that sounds like SO much fun! Can't wait 'til I have kids and have an excuse to go to stuff like that. However, it doesn't prevent me from going to Disney World every time I can. :)

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