The Last Two Days.

16 March 2011

We have a weird bump out on the back of our house, it almost doubled the size of our bedroom and added a closet.  Our house is almost 100 years old, so the bedrooms were tiny.  I’m guessing the addition was done some time in the 50s or 60s.  Apparently they didn’t measure correctly or perhaps it was done by design, but the ceiling is about 2 feet shorter in this spot than it is in the rest of the room.  Dave is pretty sure that a bunch of idiots were responsible for its construction.  I am slightly inclined at this point to agree.

Long story short, the roof on that little bump out is failing.   

And that resulted in water in our bedroom.  It means calling a contractor friend who in turn referred us to a roofing guy.  It means new carpet & poor Dave having to rip up the existing carpet which may or may not have mold from the water damage.  If there is mold, we’ll be calling in the professionals.  It may also mean tearing a wall open, but we won’t know that until the roofing guy can tell us what he thinks.  Oh, and it also means that we’re camping out with Finnegan in his room until all of the above is determined and settled.  Dude.  This could mean a week or two depending on how quickly we can get everything moving. 

Did I mention the logistics of putting a queen sized bed into his tiny room?  Needless to say we can’t do much walking or much of anything else.  Just how we’re supposed to have adult time is beyond me… this pregnancy belly isn’t exactly conducive to fun and/or contortionist acts of the good old days.  Ahem.  Cut me a break.  It’s the second trimester, the only part of pregnancy that you actually want adult time.

You are totally jealous of my life, aren’t you?

Aside from the bed, the rest of our bedroom is now in the dining room including 75% of the clothes in our closet.   I feel like my arms might fall off, my back might give out, and I could quite possibly sleep for the next year and a half.  To make matters even worse?  When things are screwed up, I feel the need to do something, anything to bring some order.  Oh yes, I am one of those people.  All those nagging little projects needle me until they are done.  In the last two days we have:

  • done 5 6 7 loads of laundry, folded and put them away {both of us}
  • matched & folded 46 pairs of socks {me}
  • taken down & cleaned the vent fan in the bathroom {dave}
  • met with a contractor {dave}
  • washed the kitchen floor, the pet dishes, the walls, & pretty much everything else in the kitchen that could be washed {me}
  • taped off & re-painted a wall in the kitchen {me}
  • went to the grocery store {dave}
  • did 2 loads of dishes {me}
  • moved the stove, witnessed the horrors beneath it & SCRUBBED the floor {dave}
  • had a doctor appointment & managed somehow to contract bronchitis {me}
  • re-installed a light switch cover that Dave has been procrastinating on for oh 6 months a year or so {dave}
  • took Finn to his music & reading class {me}
  • paid all the bills for the month {me}
  • had dinner with Dave’s grandma {all three of us}

Oh, in addition, Dave has been working full time.  Today, he is home and we’re on a mission to get the rest of the list accomplished and hopefully meet with the roofing guy.

I am pretty sure that when I wrote this on my Facebook wall on Monday morning, the universe decided to make things right with a little smack of reality.  Isn’t it funny how that happens?

New Picture (7)

And on a good note, all of the spring cleaning is almost done, the antibiotics should clear up the bronchitis,  Finn is excited about ‘camping out’ in his room, Dave is giving me his blessing to do some minor bedroom redecorating {I’ll take suggestions!!} since everything is out of our room anyway, & I found my favorite bra that has been missing for six months.   Woo hoo!

I know in the grand scheme of things, this is nothing compared to what is going on in Japan and that little fact has brought more than a little perspective to our minor bullshit.

So tell me how your week has been?


tiffany said...

It's like a bad joke, really - my head hurts from that list. However, the discovery of the long, lost, favorite bra is good reason to celebrate.

Lyndsey "the bestest sista eva" said...

Hey, way to go on the bra everything always gets better when the girls are comfortably and snug in place. Happy Day :0)'

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I had been wondering where you were! Hope it all gets fixed quickly and you heal right up!

@JessEsco said...

What a mess. Literally! That sucks. Hope they get it done quickly. Enjoy your camp out ;-)

Unknown said...

there are not enough words for

Dave said...

I'm going to work tomorrow just to get some rest!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Oh seriously - the best thing in there? Finding your favorite bra! A great and favorite bra is worth it all! ;-)

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