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20 October 2010

Fair warning to look away.  You’ll probably wish I had kept it all in there instead of sharing with you.

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Does juice taste like syrup to anyone else?  I swear it’s like a concentrate that I have to dilute at least 50% with water for it not to taste so syrupy.  Am I the only weirdo that thinks that?

According to my friend Sarah, Adam Morrison of the Wizards looks like a creepy porn star.

I am inclined to agree, though one from the seventies era, no?  We texted at length about him last night for reasons that are completely beyond me.  The only concrete thing I can say, I am pretty convinced he is one who would be sporting a full head of hair ‘down there’ too.  BTW, the image was shamelessly stolen from his Wiki page.

I have 6,809 emails in my inbox.  Dave has like 11, everything else is all categorized out and in pretty folders labeled things like “crazy shit from my wife I am afraid to read.”  I am really really bad about deleting stuff in case I need to refer back.  Here is the weird thing, I have had 27 unread emails since I can remember and now I’m wondering what those 27 things are that I have never read.  Are you a deleter or email saver?  And someone just tell me to get my ass in there and start reading and deleting.

Wearing heels makes me want to poke my eyes out.  I am 5’3” tall, I should love heels for the extra few inches they sneak in, but I don’t because they suck.

I want to see Hereafter, but I am pretty sure that I will cry uncontrollably.  In a theater.  With lots of strangers.  Maybe I should wait for dvd?

Speaking of movie theaters, my friend Amy lives in New York and refuses to see a movie because of bed bugs.  Apparently they are spreading like wildfire including places like movie theaters.  Ew.

You’re still wondering if Adam has a groin afro aren’t you? 

Of course not, only weirdos would think of stuff like that.

Which leads me to my last point.  I hate more than anything when people say Happy Hump Day. 

Happy Wednesday where I am not thinking of you humping anything.  So, if you’re still talking to me after this post, say hello in the comments.


Samantha said...

I am a deleter and categorizer by heart. All emails in my inbox right now are new ones I haven't seen yet.

I love heels - even though I'm 5'8" - but have lately realized that wearing heels makes my knees hurt like crazy. I'm out of practice from all the flats I wore while pregnant.

And yes, I am still wondering if Adam has a groin afro!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I agree with you on the Happy Hump Day. I ruins my Wednesday when someone says it to me in the elevator. Ew. Creeper.

Also, I'm a deleter but in a saver fashion. I have 4 email accounts. (Nerd!) Work one I purge. Gmail I save. Hotmail I filter into different folders (their sweep option rocks!). I even have a folder called "to be deleted". That is where all my coupons, newsletters, etc. go. I empty it once a month or so.

Kelly said...

First right off the bat, YES that guy looks like a creepy 70's porn star, and I think that may be the look he was going for, so yay him!

Second, I think you need to stop calling me a freak! lol Third, what kind of juice are you drinking that it is like syrup?
Finally, I really don't like calling it hump day either..I've never really gotten why it's called that, if i want to hump it's not going to just be on Wednesday. ;0)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Hehe, I actually love Hump Day but that's beside the point.

For emails, my goal is to have NOTHING in my inbox. I love folders (I use Gmail) so I know I can find it again if I need to. If there's something in my inbox, that means something needs to be done with it. So the goal is to get it out so there's nothing to do!

Unknown said...

I save a ton then randomly dump after like years when it gets to where it ends up seeming meaningless. The of course I end up deleting something I didn't want to. Have the same issue in blog reader. will save & save & then get over whelmed & mark all as read. Thanks for the giggle - I needed it more than you know.

Home Sweet Sarah said...

I'm with ya, I have to dilute my juice with water, as well. I like to pretend like this makes it healthier. It does, right?

Stacy Kaye said...

Hello! I am like you, I keep emails forever and ever and ever. I have tried to become better about deleting, but I am always afraid I will delete that one that is SUPER important. It's okay to be a saver! There is nothing wrong with us! Besides, I like to think of my unimportant emails sitting in your inbox, it makes me feel special. :)

Penelope said...

Eek, I'm inclined to agree too!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Yes, 70's porn star.

I'm a keeper. Although I usually only let the box get up to about 1500 before I start deleting. And yes, I keep unreads until I no longer remember what they are or why I kept them.

Yes, heels suck.

Bed bugs and groin fros? Double Ewwww!

I can't stand the term "Hump Day" - ugh!

We apparently have a lot in common this week! LOL


Anonymous said...

Whenever I make Kool-aid for the kiddies, I only use half the required sugar. Otherwise it's too sweet. I also love to add a splash of juice to my glass of water, it gives me flavor without the calories! As for heels I rarely wear them because my husband is 1/2 inch shorter than me, so wearing flats stokes his ego, I think. I also agree with you about the hump day, it needs to go. How about Happy Almost End of the week day?

Meg said...

that is pretty much what my hair looks like right now. almost exactly. it's in a totally 80's feathered mullet growing out phase.

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