Jersey Love.

01 October 2010

Last year my mom bought Finnegan a Nike warm up suit looking thing.  It was red and black and white.  He thought it made him look like a football player.  He called it his jersey pants and jersey shirt.  When he wore it, he looked a little less like a football player and a little more like a mini guido.  He should have on a wifebeater and gold chains and a little chest hair peeking out. 

He would beg us to wear it.  No, I’m sorry honey, the Toledo Club isn’t a place where you can wear your jersey pants.  There was one incident where Dave was downstairs grabbing the laundry and Finn caught a peek of his jersey pants and started chanting, “Jersey pants!  Jersey pants!  Jerseeeeey pants!”  He had it bad. 

We considered a twelve step program.

Well it came time that the Nike warm up wasn’t cutting it anymore, those lanky legs will get you every time.  As with almost everything he has owned, it gets passed down to his cousin Myles.  As we were packing up that batch of clothes {we do this every few months} Finn started crying because he didn’t want his beloved jersey to go anywhere.  I mean, great big inconsolable sobbing tears.

So I went off on a mad dash to find a jersey replacement because there is nothing more I love than seeing my three year old look like he belongs on the cast of Jersey Shore with his beloved jersey suit.  And as with all places magical and good, Costco held the answer in the form of this lovely Adidas number and its matching red black and white one.  Yes, now there are two.

mackinac 069

We have taken to letting him just wear the jacket… a little fix is better than the whole shebang or so I tell myself.  We limit the full ensemble to soccer practice or to and from swimming classes.

What clothing type battles are going on in your house?


belles♥mom said...

Haha I LOVE it! Belle has a Reebok warm up suit that I love and she kept trying to take it off yesterday (so much fun let me tell ya!). As for us we are still in the princess dress phase, I think she would wear her flowergirl dress every day of the week if I let her.
And I don't think he looks like a guido (still needs the fake tan and hair gel) but it would make one hell of a Halloween costume! lol

Stacy Kaye said...

Our little monkey never wants to take his pajamas off! In the mornings he actually grabs onto the sleeves and won't let go so we can't take them off!

MommyLisa said...

Try having a girl that wants eyeshadow, ten tons of lipgloss, mini skort, attitude t-shirt and her princess trucker hat on. Oh and too many rings and necklaces. I am looking at YOU J-WOWW!!!

Anonymous said...

All my 9 yr old boy wants to wear is camouflage, He has camo shorts, pants, shirts, thermal undershirt, hoodie, and hat. Guess what he wants to be for Halloween? Yup you got it a soldier! I don't even have to buy a costume, except a helmet!

Meg said...

Say no more. Finnegan has a true calling:

Michelle said...

Meg, as if I didn't love you before. THAT is hilarious. Even the music. LOL.

Just A Normal Mom said...

LOL - love it. Our clothing battles are a little different with a 16 year old boy... as in, "If you don't pull those pants up to cover up your boxers, I'm going to give you a wedgie!" kind of battles. ;-)

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