Sisters and Travel and Birthdays, Oh My!

12 October 2010

Sisters.  Mine are lunatics.  It’s ok, it is a genetic thing.  Or maybe environmental since Rachael doesn’t share DNA, but she is still my sister, and a lunatic.  Sunday was her birthday and she couldn’t remember that the date was 10.10.10.   I am thinking it is spending our formative years with my dad?  Maybe that is the link.

We are taking a trip together to visit Elise at college.  On Lyndsey’s birthday, which is this coming weekend. 

I should tell you that Lyndsey’s birthdays are, how can I put this delicately… epic badness?  Apocalyptic?  Awful?  People, they are just bad.  Like really bad.

She went out with her friends on her 20th birthday and they completely forgot her and left her at the bar. 

There was the year that we decided to try a new {now closed} fancy restaurant and Lyndsey wanted a hamburger, well done, ketchup only for her meal which they were happy to accommodate.  So apparently something happened in the kitchen because our fancy meals came out and Lyndsey’s simple hamburger did not.  Happy Birthday you get to sit and watch your family eat your birthday dinner!  So she went to the bar because this is back when we used to both smoke and she drank martinis until she was suitably drunk enough to deal with her lack of dinner and waited for her hamburger to arrive which did another twenty minutes later.

And then the year we went to a great Italian place… they served us raw meatballs, then proceeded to spray down the tables with noxious smelling spray while we were still eating.  Happy Birthday, you get trichinosis!

Her 19th birthday she got fired.

You see the trend here?  She wouldn’t even let me tell you the bad stuff!  Pssst… one year I totally walked in on her having sex.  If that isn’t a bad way to spend your birthday, I don’t know what is. 

I am packing every emergency kit I can think of… just in case.  I’m guessing several flat tires, a forgotten room reservation, food poisoning, and a homesick three year old?  Take your guesses in the comments and please please say a little prayer for us.

Dave is bowing out of our sister trip.  He said something about work and the long hours, not having a sitter for the dog, and yada yada, but he was scheduled to go until he figured out it fell over Lyndsey’s birthday. 


I think not.


Elise said...

I DON'T CARE I STILL CAN'T WAIT....the weekend's badness has started though, i broke my face on the ice machine this morning so that'll be -1 sister for pictures ahhaha

Samantha said...

You are going to be so close! Have a great time in the wonderful KY :) Here's hoping for no epic badness this trip!

MommyLisa said...

Ugh. I have had similar birthday's.

Once a poorly planned cow tipping incident with Austrailians in the Netherlands...two words.

Barb wire.


Missy said...

Poor, Unlucky Birthday Girl! Hope this goes well! Maybe you should pack some xanax just in case...

sherry stanfa-stanley said...

OMG, too funny! Lindsey must be somehow related to my sister DC. Every trip I've ever taken with her has entailed horrific events--hurricanes, car accidents, hotels from hell. I've taken to either ignoring her invitations or buying travel insurance. May the force be with you!

Doahleigh said...

Hey - saw you commented over at my place, and I'm sorry to say I've never been here before so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Just A Normal Mom said...

LOL - have fun! I sense a great post-event blog post!

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