Monster Stew Halloween Dinner Plans.

19 October 2010

Last year we had a wonderful Halloween party.  This year we’re keeping it slightly lower key, based on a wonderful children’s book that Finnegan is currently obsessed with.  We’re still having a few guests, though it will mostly be family, followed by trick or treating in the neighborhood.

Monster Mischief is a sweet story written by Pamela Jane.  It is the tale of four monsters who make monster stew in a garbage can.  Until the fifth, the little one named Moe, shows up and ruins their plans by letting their stew crawl, slither, and fly away into the Halloween night.  Needless to say, their dinner is quite happy to have an escape and the monsters are left with empty bellies.  Then, the sixth monster shows up with a sack full of something different, something new… all kinds of sweets.  That little Moe eats and dances so much that he splits his pants, which Finnegan finds absolutely hilarious. 

We’ll be partaking in some hearty monster stew of our own, my Meme’s recipe.  Though we won’t be using a garbage can, our huge 22 quart stockpot will make a brilliant substitute.   I’ll reuse a lot of the black, purple, and lime green decorations from last year and add just a few pieces in orange and blue and pink to match the napkins and plates I found at Target.  I am hoping for a warmer night so we can leave the french doors open and enjoy the front porch one last time this year.


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What are your Halloween plans?  Do your children trick-or-treat?  How do you keep it fun and not frightening for the little ones?


MommyLisa said...

One year we went to our friends and trick-or-treated in their neighborhood with Boo Boo. My hubby did not like that at all...he finds that neighborhood pretentious, and it is.

So the last two years we have had grandparents over for dinner and trick-or-treating. His mom and dad - mine like to wait for the neigborhood kids to show up!

Missy said...

We are making Halloween Bark today! We are doing Trick or Treating with friends and family only!

Stacy Kaye said...

Sounds like a great time! We are taking our munchkin to the church party as well as some door to door trick or treating. We have already visited the pumpkin patch and carved up his pumpkin, which he was soooo excited about!

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