07 October 2010

Dear Dave,

The train track building gauntlet has been thrown my Love.  Finn is totally going to like me best thanks to my mad train track building skillz.  I also managed to use every piece of track in the house.  Bring it ya big Sir Topham Hat wanna be.

Love,  The Coolest Mom Evah




Big Fat Gini said...

Love it! My kids love trains. I think we've spent a fortune on Brio/Thomas sets, but they love playing with them.

You are most definitely THE Best Mom Evah!

Amy said...

Love trains! Have you seen the Fisher Price Geo-trax? They are so much fun. I admit that I get way more into building the tracks than Jack does--but then he enjoys it for hours!!
Great Job--you are the Best Mom Evah!!

Samantha said...

Awesome job, Coolest Mom Evah!

Amy said...

Cool!! That's way better than I've ever been able to do!! I'm glad you took a picture, because this feat sure does earn you some bragging rights amongst the cool moms.

Lisa said...

Ha ha. Love it! Where did you get this set? I want to get something like this for Tyler for Christmas.

Dave said...

Dear Michelle,

Get ready to be pwned by my mad train skillz.

The Davester

P.S. Sir Topham Hatt has two t's.
P.P.S. You just got spelling-pwned on your own blog, and that's not even counting the gross misuse of z's rather than s's.

Michelle said...

Lisa, IKEA! Super cheap and you can get all kinds of different combos of tracks and trains.

Davester, we're building another right now...

MommyLisa said...

you ARE the coolest mom. Can you be my stand-in mom???

Christie said...

careful though... ikea track doesn't link well with 'thomas' track, so your better off to skip the ikea track and look for a garage sale find of thomas.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Awesome! Every piece? That right there is an accomplishment! I don't thin we ever quite got every piece in. My son had a mix of Ikea + Costco + just a little Thomas = lots of train track!


APV said...

That's pretty cool! I bet it was fun for you too, right? I love it - sort of therapeutic! haha.

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