26 October 2010

Can we talk Halloween candy today?

Remember when you were a kid and you would hit the trick-or-treat jackpot with the house that handed out full size candy bars?  If I had a boatload of cash and a house that didn’t get 500 kids, I would totally be that house.

If nothing else, I’m pretty sure the look on Dave’s face when I tell him I spent $250 on Halloween candy would make it worth it.  Oh sure, there are the kids’ happy faces too, but really it’s all about screwing with Dave.

Dude, it’s not like I’m the house handing out pennies or crappy fake Tootsie Rolls.  I hand out the good stuff, it’s just in the fun size. 

I’m pretty sure a ‘funner size’ would be full size, but I digress.

I’ve avoided buying any because inevitably what happens in our house is a month before Halloween, we buy 25 pounds of chocolate.  Between Dave and I having a snack or two here and there, it’s gone by the time Halloween rolls around.  So this year, we just decided to hold off… and by we, I mean I did. 

Dave would like nothing more than to snack on a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or an Almond Joy.  Seriously, what kind of weirdo lists Almond Joy as their favorite Halloween candy?  It’s like I married a communist. 

I think he only loves Almond Joy because I don’t have the heart to hand one to a three year old in a Little Bo Peep costume.   I save those for the asshole teenagers who slap on a werewolf mask and trick-or-treat long past their prime, so there are always a ton left over.

The little bug usually chooses something fruity.  Gummy things, Skittles, and Smarties are amongst his favorites.

Me?  Heath, m&ms, and Butterfinger top my list.

So, what are your faves?  And what do you hand out?


Ashlee Martin Smith said...

We're in a new house this year, so I have no idea what the trick-or-treating will be like. But I'm prepared for 100 kids or more! I have Laughy Taffys, Suckers, chocolate up the wazoo, tootsie rolls, dots, lemon heads...the list could go on! And you bet I eat it too, and have been eating it for the last month! It's the only good thing about Halloween!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

My fav is mini-snickers. Marc is also a communist (i.e. Almond-Joy fan) too!

I'll be handing out the bag of mini-candy bars that my MIL sent me. Lord, I'm a cheapskate!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

You get 500 kids on Halloween?! Wow. We're in a townhouse complex with only a few kids, so there's not that much traffic that night.

My favorite are Bottle Caps. Remember those? I think they're in the variety bag but they're hard to find. They're the best!

Ashley said...

Um Almond Joy is my top. Sorry dude. Then Snickers. Then Reese's Cups.

Home Sweet Sarah said...

Reece's! All the way!

And good idea on saving the Almond Joys for the teenagers. I will be doing that this year!

MommyLisa said...

BUTTERFINGER??? And you are making fun of the Daver??? Seriously, I loved Almond Joy when I was five...LOVED them.

My favorite now is Twix or Snicker or Almond Joy...although sometimes I am fancy and want a Toffifay!


We get no kids - zero. So I have not turned on my lights in four years...not worth it. I take Boo Boo out instead.

Stacy Kaye said...

Hey, I LOVE Almond Joy! You can send your leftovers my way to save Dave the trouble of eating all of them. You can't buy them in Canada! Maybe that's why I crave them.

I still have to buy my candy too. It's our first year of living in our own home in a neighborhood and I can't WAIT to hand out candy to all of the cuties!

P.S. Whenever I am at work, in the last 10 minutes or so of my prep and tired of marking and planning and can choose just ONE blog to quickly peruse do you know who I choose? YEAH, that's RIGHT! It's you! Now you made me want chocolate though, and I have none, and can't leave school until 5 tonight. What am I going to do!?

Elise said...

I'm with you on the almond joy, Davester...and with M on the chocolate, and FJ on the fruity candy.....okay, okay i like every kind of candy ever invented..except snickers and those weird wax bottle things. I even love the fake tootsies.

Michelle said...

I have decided that I am surrounded by a whole mess of Commie Bastards. What the heck people?!!?

And Ashlee, I completely forgot about Laffy Taffy, SOOOOOO good and the jokes make you eat more.

Furry Bottoms said...

It has been such a downer these past few days so I was in search of something happy and positive. Your blog title grabbed my attention while I was over at Is It Just Me? And you just had to talk about candy! I love candy! my favorites vary. Usually it's reeses, but right now its any candy with cookie in it. Like Twix. Yum!!! And I just opened the bag of our halloween candy. I haven't had any chocolate in 6 mos!! Talk about sugar high!!

Holly Lefevre said...

Your candy post made me chuckle. We hand out crap...tootsie rolls (although I have eaten most of them), tootsie pops, dots. We do not get many trick or old house in "the neighborhood" we used to get I am happy with 30.

I love 100,000 bars (I think they changed the name). I could suck those things down w/o thinking twice.

Amy said...

I love 3 Musketeers and Milky Ways...I always hated the people that passed out those horrible black and orange wrapped peanut butter things. I'm with Dave, too-- Almond Joys rock! :0)

Missy said...

We have always been Trick-or-Treating with our kids! It takes the Two of Us to keep up with them, but if I were handing out, I would go with Gummy Worms...

chiara said...

I think my Dad likes Almond Joy. It's better than Mounds, but only because the almond classes it up. I hated getting either of those as a kid.

So, I generally get whatever candy doesn't suck and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We get hundred+ kids and I am generally out of candy before 8pm.

Pixie sticks were a huge hit the one year I got them. Kids were like: "PIXIE STICKS!!!" I'm sure parents loved me for handing out that stuff.

Just A Normal Mom said...

"Seriously, what kind of weirdo lists Almond Joy as their favorite Halloween candy? It’s like I married a communist." - ROFL!!! Too funny. Who eats those?

When my son was still young enough to trick or treat we would go through his bag and pull out all the gross stuff and give it to the lame teenagers that would show up well past trick or treat time. That's what you get when you show up without a costume with a plastic grocery bag and you are 16.

We try to give out good stuff, too, albeit the fun size.


Erica said...

I love Almond Joys too, but I don't like the almonds. I know how stupid that sounds! Everyone always says "So eat a Mounds!" but Mounds are DARK chocolate. Why can't I have an almond-less Almond Joy that ISN'T dark chocolate?

My parents always handed out those awesome Capri Sun juice pouches. Usually the local grocery store will put them on sale the week before Halloween; we could get them something crazy cheap like 10 boxes for $12 or $15 which sounds a little much for Halloween "candy" but still cheaper than having kids mess with your car on their way down the driveway because you gave them crappy candy (or so my dad said). Kids were always like "COOL!" when they saw what my parents were handing out.

Michelle said...

Erica, that is an AWESOME idea! I've never seen that before.

Erin said...

Sorry M, add me to your list of commies, I LOVE almond joy :) I also love snickers, peanut butter cups, rolos, anything chocolate and chewy. And we have suffered the same phenomenon here, I buy candy too far in advance and it's all eaten by the time Halloween rolls around. Last year I simply bought candy I don't like (fruity stuff). This year I decided to wait until the week before but I also bought an extra bad of candy just for me. And yes, it's all gone!

Kim Moore said...


Aunt B said...

My very favourite Hallowe'en candy is Kraft caramels. As a kid, I never got them except at Halloween and I LOVED them. I used to trade my brother for them, and all the other kids in the neighbourhood too. :)

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