BlogHer '10. Are you going?

12 July 2010
In roughly a month, NYC is going to be overrun with bloggers.  The annual BlogHer conference takes place August 6-7.

I am not going.   I am going to live vicariously. 

Last year I made my blog public at the end of August, before that it was private.  I wasn't sure that anyone would read or know who I was.  Let's face it, it's a giant leap to put yourself out there, you all know that.  Add to that, the fact that most blogs have very little readership {no one talks about that} and you can see how going to a conference filled with superstar bloggers might put you a bit at unease.  Yes, there are thousands of normal everyday bloggers too.  I didn't think they would know me either.

"Hi, I'm Michelle of SoWonderful, So Marvelous."  Who? 

Turns out this little community of bloggers have been incredibly supportive of me and of this blog.  More than I ever thought possible and it astounds me daily.  I have 'met' some fabulous women that I would love to hang out with for a weekend.  You all leave me comments daily, you send me hilarious emails, and mostly you are here reading.  Hindsight is 20/20 and I should have listened to Brittany when she told me I would love BlogHer and should really consider it. 

By the time I had that figured out, it was a little too late. 

I'm still learning.  You're probably smacking yourself on the forehead saying, "well duh Michelle, then why the hell wouldn't you GO and LEARN at BlogHer?" 

This is where I may get myself into trouble, but it seemed as if the posts I read last year were mostly about the parties and the swag and ahem let's not forget the tiny constituant of bloggers behaving badly.  I guess I {possibly wrongly} feel that if I am shelling out {because I have yet to delve into sponsorship} the cash to attend a conference, maybe I should be attending the workshops rather than skipping them, or worse yet getting shut out of them because of space issues.

And really, I was hoping to be very pregnant right about now and waddling around NYC in hot ass August super pregnant did not sound like fun.  Yep, you know how that's going.

So peeps, there you have it.  All the lame ass excuses I had for not attending BlogHer '10.  Maybe BlogHer '11 will be on the agenda?

Are you going?  Why or Why Not?


@JessEsco said...

Oooh I can't wait to hear all the BlogHer scoop. I think I'm outta the BH league myself. I write and amazingly have gotten a few readers this year. But maybe you could come to Bloggy Boot camp. I'm here in Austin. Um, yeah I won't be going but I'm here :)

MommyLisa said...

Not going. I am not sure I ever will. I read about a smaller conference that I might try first - but for now I just blog and read. ;)

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