Summer Guest Blogger Friday! It's Meghan, Who Isn't a Blogger At All!

16 July 2010
I'd like to give a very special welcome to Miss Meghan today.  She's not a blogger, though she will be soon.  She is creative and crafty, a new homeowner,  Mama to a wonderful little boy named Flynn, she is the girl who will tell you how it is, she is fiercely loyal and she is my cousin.  We are very much alike... it may have something to do with the fact that I was her nanny for the two summers I spent in Atlanta.  She's about to turn this blog into a frat house.  {Love you Megs!}

Please give her a warm welcome and tell her what a great job she did!

Good Friday to Everyone! First I would like to introduce myself to ya’ll (that’s how we say it down south). I’m Meghan, 25, libra, crazy college football fan, baby momma to a beautiful little boy and the gravity that keeps my family afloat. I have yet to start my own blog…but would like to in the VERY near future. That leads me to this AWESOME opportunity that my dear, dear cousin Michelle has given me. For those of you who give a shit, Michelle is actually a HUGE influence in my life. She lived in Atlanta with me for a short stint during my “developing” years. I have to give credit where it is deserved, so we’ll just say that the following post has a little to do with events that took place down south, probably ones Michelle would like to forget about, but have shaped me into the having a “crazy” side that I will cherish forever.  Michelle was always fun and willing to speak her mind and not afraid of what others thought or think. On that note, this post is all about keeping it fun, and if you can’t make fun of yourself then your in serious trouble.

A couple of weeks ago I was compiling pictures for a Father’s Day photo book. This is when I suddenly realized…..Could someone PLEASE hold my DAMN drink! I went through every photo for the last three years and realized that if you took a good hard look (squint here cause it’s going to get ugly) you may be under the impression that I CANNOT put my drink down. Someone, and I have know idea who, once said that you should NEVER be photographed with a drink in hand. Well, I seem to have missed that chapter in Emily Post….. And please by all means if you know who said this, LEAVE AN EFFING comment!!

Back to breaking the golden rule….I have absolutely no second thoughts about my bringing my good ol’ pals white wine and whiskey into the picture. I have decided to poke a little fun at myself for your reading pleasure and give you a montage of my inhibitions as a “drink holding picture taker AT LARGE”. And believe me there are no rules when it comes to keeping that drink in my hand, NO MATTER WHAT! So please, if you ever happen to be at a party with me and someone breaks out the camera, will you hold my drink?

To check out AWESOME video of what happens when I put my wine glass down, it will brighten your day for sure, check it out here.

The video was inspired by Michelle, she introduced me to Paula when I was like 10 and helped me with all the choreography. This is a limited release for your viewing pleasure.  {I can NOT be responsible for this, nor can I believe she is sharing it with the whole internet!}


MommyLisa said...

OMG. That is funny.

Elise said...

hahahah I can't wait to tell Grammy about her internet debut

Stacey said...

Lol, I love this post because I too am an offender! I went through one of my photo albums & thought the same thing!!!! Too funny : )

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