I Should Be Blogging.

22 July 2010
But I'm enjoying having my family here too much.  I promise to do Finn's bedroom reveal next week.  There are more important things like bubble baths with cousins, Meme's chocolate chip cookies, & playing soccer in the backyard keeping us occupied.  If I were any sort of real blogger I would have thought ahead and scheduled posts.  Instead I'm making S'mores Cheesecake and praying it turns out well.

I know, I know, I'm a great big blogging FAIL.
Which leads me nicely into my epic failure in the parenting department yesterday when Prince's Sexy MFer was on and Finn and I were bopping around the house and I realized he was SINGING ALONG.  Not really something a three year old should be rocking out to.  Lessoned learned. 

Tomorrow though... tomorrow you must stop by for the funniest guest blogger EVER.  It's going to be good peeps.  Anyone want to guess who?

For now, you should check out the following:

Caribbean Coconut Cream Pie

This Party... GENIUS.

Nectarine, Mascarpone, Gingersnap Tart


Sey said...

Enjoy having your family and we'll check on you later! Wondering who's the guest blogger tomorrow! I'll check it out!!!

Ashley said...

No dude you should totally be doing what you are doing. And I expect the s'mores cheesecake recipe pronto! Also, guess who wrote a blog post? Yep. Feelng frisky.

I might even be in the mood to guest post.

MommyLisa said...

Have fun...their is this whole thing about blog slacking in the summer - click the button on my blog that says, "I Think I see Mexico..."!

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