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11 July 2010
Today I'm guest posting a delicious recipe for Raspberry Almond Breakfast Cheesecake over at Marvelous Mommy.  You will want to make this sucker, it is good

If you're stopping by for some lunacy from Marvelous Mommy, welcome!  I hope you enjoyed the recipe and that you'll stick around awhile.  Don't lie.  You came over to see the girl that used to sell sex toys, didn't you?

And really I'm not here OR there... I'm at the lake, lounging on the dock, reading, and trying to avoid Annie's margaritas because they'll knock you on your ass.  WoooooOOOooo spooky how I did that! The "internets" are magic I tell ya.

My mom, sister, Finn and I are at the lake with Annie + Joan.  Sisters.   They've been friends with my mom since she was a teenager.  There are always good stories.  There is something wonderful about being around people who have known you your entire life, even the angsty teen years and love you anyway.  Not to mention the view...

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

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belles♥mom said...

I'm so glad you had an amazing weekend, there is nothing like time by a lake!! I checked out the recipe and YUM! it looks freaking amazing!

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