Oh Summer, My Old Friend

31 May 2010
How I have missed you sweet summer, I'm so glad you're back!  This explosion greets me as I walk out of the door...

The garden is planted.  We even have a few blueberries fattening up!  I can't wait to go out in the morning and pluck ripe strawberries.  I plan on making my favorite summer pasta very soon.  The potted herbs are just waiting to be chopped. 

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend in your part of the world!  We opened my dad's pool {and by we, I mean not me} we barbequed, Finnegan went sailing with Gigi & Papa, we did some stuff around the house and I spent Friday afternoon running cheer tryouts.  We were busy as I am sure most people are on holiday weekends.  How was your weekend??

This week is going to be a busy one around here, tomorrow I have a yummy summer recipe for you.  We're going to the Earth, Wind, & Fire concert tomorrow night... keep your fingers crossed for no rain, won't you?  We're going to try to fit in a trip to the zoo, some swimming at the pool, planting a few more things in the garden, and I have to make a birdhouse... don't ask.  My lunatic mother signed us all up to decorate a birdhouse for a charity auction, my sister Lyndsey's is awesome so now the gauntlet has been thrown.  Any ideas would be appreciated! 

A little reminder, I still have just a few spots open for my Friday Summer Guest Posts, if you are interested e-mail me... the first will be this Friday & I can not wait for you to meet her.


SnoopyMeg said...

You should definately have some sort of "theme" for your birdhouse, maybe something related to the charity....good luck!

Bring Pretty Back said...

This whole post was fun to read! Gauntlet's been thrown down!
That is a scream! I thibk your census encounter was worse than mine! ha! Thanks for visiting and commenting!
Have a pretty night,

Nikki said...

I want to come play in the pool!!! I love pools!
Glad you had such a great weekend. Ours was just as busy!
I love salad recipes and I can't wait to meet your guest blogger this Friday!!!!!!!!

Kerri said...

Your roses are gorgeous...I hope you have some of those inside the house too!

Thanks for visiting my blog! The truffles are not perfect...I take a little knife and trim each one around the bottom to make them all look better! I cut all the extra chocolate off...that's my secret!

Kerri said...

PS. I am from Ohio! I moved to PA right after college...but my entrie family still lives in Mansfield.

Anonymous said...

You should put gutters on your birdhouse. And add a rain rain barrel. Oh, wait :)

You'll come up with something fabulous, I'm sure.

Michelle said...

Steph you are ROTTEN to the core. The pressure!

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