Best Snack Ever {According to Finn}

13 May 2010
Finn took this great pre-school class at the zoo.  Each week they had a different theme, polar bears, salt water fish, giraffes, plants... the teacher was fantastic and she chose a story and a craft to go with the theme.  They visited the area of the zoo they were studying and they had visits in the classroom from blue tongued skinks, snakes, rats, and even a hedgehog.

Sure he loved all of those things, but his favorite part of class?  Miss Stephanie also had snacks while they listened to their story. 

So the best snack ever? 

Take one of those cardboard tasting ice cream cones that only kids will eat.  Cut up some strawberries and apples {or 2-3 fruits of your choice} and grab a container of Cool Whip or make some whipped cream if you're feeling ambitious.  Fill the cone to the brim with fruit & add a little whip to the top. 

Here is the key... let THEM do the filling.  It is not as cool if you do it for them.  No worries though, it's only mildly messy and {mostly} healthy... the vast majority really was fruit.  Finn loved it and I would have never thought to re-purpose an ice cream cone like this.  Thanks to Miss Stephanie for the great idea! 


Jackie said...

ummm I love those cones! I suppose that makes me rather kid-like doesn't it??/

Jennifer said...

Preschool at the zoo sounds so fun. I want to go!

MommyLisa said...

We have GOT to do that.

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