11 May 2010
There are days that I am Superwoman.  I recruit everyone I know to volunteer for whatever the cause might be of the day, I throw a party for a friend on short notice, I have the house clean & dinner simmering away on the stove when Dave gets home, all after working out, having lunch with my girlfriends, and taking Finn to the zoo complete with a themed snack for our visit to the aquarium.

Yep, there are those days.

And then there are days that I stay in my pajamas all day.  Dave walks in the door to a maniacal Finnegan, a disaster of a house, and a mountain of laundry to be folded & put away stacked on our bed.  What's for dinner?  Takeaway, there are menus on the fridge.  Sex tonight?  I haven't even showered. 

Goooooo Michelle!

I don't really highlight those days here often.  You know what it's like to be lazy and take a nap in the middle of the day, to save the dishes for another time, to pray your mother doesn't stop over unexpectedly and tell you to get off your ass.  Maybe your house is always perfect, but your attitude really isn't?  Or you've been putting off that dreaded 'to do' list for another day because you're not in the mood to tackle it just yet?

No?  Just me?  I'm guessing if you never have one of those days you're secretly sucking down Johnny's Ritalin with Red Bull chasers. 

Or you have a staff of helpers making you look good... oh, how I wish.

Mostly, my life is a mix of the two extremes, as I suspect might be the case for most people.  I went to the gym this morning, had lunch with my dad for his birthday, took a great nap with Finn, did some laundry, answered some emails & had a fabulous dinner date with some friends.  I'm ok with the fact that there are cars all over the living room, it needs a serious vacuuming, my Google Reader is bursting at the seams, and the laundry is sitting in a basket.  There is tomorrow for those tasks, probably still in my stinky gym clothes from tomorrow morning's workout.

It took me a long time to be ok with the fact that I can't always do it all... some days I still try.  And it's still often difficult for me to admit.  When I try to be Superwoman, I don't have enough sleep, but my house is perfect!  Finn doesn't get enough books read to him, but my Christmas cards are finished Thanksgiving weekend!  My husband goes to bed three hours before me, but every last thing is crossed off of my list!   I have been living on caffeine, but I am the best blogger in the universe.  I just don't want to be Superwoman at the cost of being Michelle.  Some days the rest will have to wait.

Tell me I'm not the only one?


Nikki said...

Not the only one!!! Sometimes it is so hard to balance it all without self medicating myself!!! My mind races a mile a minute trying to figure out what the hell to do next. I think we all need to you can wait til tomorrow. Story time is important to the munchkin and my time is important to least I hope.

heather lea said...

you are def. not the only one who feels this way! some days, getting out of bed seems like the worst option...but then there are the good days. those are the ones that make the bad days seem a little less gloomy in the long run! :)

Ashley said...

Love the new freshness babe! Blue and orange are two of my favs.

Okay so I try to be Superwoman all the time and all it does is leave me edgy and bitchy and pissed off. I'm learning to let the floor and the dishes and all that crap just be. I am enjoying my me time to run and I'm also trying to do more with the kids instead of just following them around hollering and hoovering.

I think you are fine just the way you are. Do it how you want to do it and as long as everyone is fed and halfway clean, screw everything and everyone else.

Meg said...

So, who wants to be that perfect person who gets everything done? So boring and so unfulfilling! Sure, you get a gold star, but did you really enjoy yourself?

I personally think the number one priorities for families should be having fun, enjoying each other and making great memories. Of course you can't eat ice cream sundaes for dinner every night, but just having quality conversations and a little bit of relaxation is a good balance with all of those daily chores.

You're still Superwoman in my book whether you showered today or not!

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