Grilled Pizza

01 June 2010
Did you know that you can turn your grill into an outdoor pizza oven?  Fantastic for keeping the heat out of the kitchen and for enjoying the tastes of summer on yummy fire grilled pizza.  It is also super easy and faster to put together & have ready than delivery.

Preheat the grill for about 10 minutes... meanwhile, prepare your pizza. 

We used a premade pizza crust, we've also had great success with making pizza dough in the breadmaker and using that for calzones on the grill, but for something quick you can't beat premade. 

Top with pizza sauce, your favorite toppings, & cheese.  Here we used pepperoni, chopped mushrooms, fresh basil, and a little drizzle of olive oil.  I can't wait for the heirloom tomatoes to come in so I can make Dave a pizza with buffalo mozzerella, fresh basil, and fresh tomato.

It is one of my new favorite summer recipes and if you have lots of differing pizza opinions in your house, buy the personal size and let everyone make their own!  I hope your family enjoys it as much as mine.


MommyLisa said...

When am I invited for dinner???

Jennifer Jackson said...

Did you put the dough on something or directly on the grill rack? Do you do the same method for homemade dough? I have always wanted to try this,but had I have you to answer them!!! Thanks!

Michelle said...

Jen, it goes directly on the rack. We do oil the grates before putting it on. With homemade dough you don't need to do anything for a calzone. For a pizza, you need to put the dough on the grill first, grill one side until it puffs up, then flip and top with stuff and cook.

Nikki said...

I want to come to YOUR house for dinner!!! I've been meaning to try making homemade pizza but I haven't done it yet. Do you use a specific kind of pizza sauce?? We don't have a grill but I would really like to get one of those stones from pampered chef!!
Your pizza looks delicious!

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