Cars Pancakes.

13 June 2010
I am not an artist, but I am quite possibly the coolest mom in the world.  Of course this is according to a three year old that says often, "I like you now," as if he didn't before.  Back to that whole coolest mom in the world thing, ahem.

Ever since I came across Jim's blog, I've been dying to make fabulous pancakes in fun shapes.  Go on and click over, just be forewarned that you're likely to spend all damn day there.  I am guessing whomever the first pancake mix company to scoop him up will be sitting on a gold mine.

I attempted to do the Eiffel Tower.  Let's just say the french won that battle.  It was freaking AWESOME until the flip.  The damn flip gets me every time! 

And then, I grabbed my AmeriColor Red and turned that batter Lightening Red.

I made the batter a bit more thin than normal and put it into a plastic squeeze bottle that I usually use for flood icing, I then cut most of the tip off to make it easier to squeeze out.  I added two chocolate chips to serve as eyes.

Granted, other than the color, it doesn't much look like Lightening, but to Finn it sure did.  He was so excited and can't wait until the next installment of Mommy cooking crazy pancakes.  It is the little things people, the little things.

How was your weekend?  Did you spend some time enjoying the little things?


MommyLisa said...

That is awesome! I love doing fun little things like that - like lemonade. In our house I never make frozen or powder lemonade for my baby. I squeeze a real lemon and put in sugar and water. She loves it and since Costco sells the jumbo bag of lemons its easy to have on hand!

Michelle said...

Fresh squeezed is the best! My aunt used to have a lemon tree in her backyard and my sister and I would BEG to go pick lemons to make it. One of my favorite memories of our visits there.

PS. I am SO excited about Tuesday!

Nikki said...

Those are fricken awesome!!! I can't wait until Mia will appreciate fun stuff like that!!
We had a fun Saturday...we went with my entire family out to the horse track and hung out and gambled a little. I didn't win shit but I usually never's always a good time though!!!
Hope your weekend was fab!!!

@JessEsco said...

Wow you are so talented! VERY cool.

Weekend was good but tiring. Got to hang out with family in Dallas then come back and hang out with the hub for the other half. Countdown till our vacation this Father's Day weekend!!!!

becki said...

STOP IT RIGHT NOOOOOOOOW! Kingston would flip out if I made these! You are my favorite! Thanks!

ps. LOVE your banner!

Alexis said...

So cute...what a good Mommy, that is the stuff they remember!

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