Dear Diary.

21 June 2010
Reading this article about the Open Diary project made me pull out my diaries.  I'm thinking about photographing an entry or two to submit.  And I have to say, I could sit there all day and read the entries of others.

Did you keep one?  Do you now?  I mean other than your blog.  While I don't keep a written journal anymore, I do love reading my journals from years ago.  It is amazing who I was at different points in my life. 

The eighth grader.  Can you tell I went to Catholic school?  I wonder how the test went...
I have a Confirmation test tomorrow.  I hope the Holy Spirit guides me.  I need the help.

The angsty teen.  I didn't even write why she was so unfair!
My mother is SOOO unfair!

The traveller.  Trips to Florida, California, Oregon, France, & Belgium chronicalled. 

The girl in her twenties in love with someone who didn't love her back.  Apparently I don't even listen to my own advice and I continued to sleep with him all the way through that journal.
DON'T SLEEP WITH {name} bad news, get over it and realize it isn't going anywhere!

And my favorite...

My quarterlife crisis... forever memorialized.  HA!  Really???  Really I was that girl?
I'm turning 25 in about 45 minutes-- crisis has set in... WHAT am I going to do when I turn 30?!?

When was the last time you dug out your old journals?  Do you recognize that girl?


paige said...

Those sound like me. Funny! I keep a journal now just as an exercise in discipline. It has some crazy stuff in it but it's mostly one liners. I've been consistent for a year, though.

Interesting post!

Nikki said...

Love the crisis at 25!!! I always wanted to have a journal. I've started probably like 10 of them and would write for a couple of days and then nothing!! Thats why I love that I've gotten so into blogging!!!

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