Maybe You Think I Am Who I'm Not?

04 May 2010
I am fantastic at a few things.
  • I can cook.  I don't use Cream of XYZ to make sauces or canned vegetables and I don't follow recipes, but people like coming to dinner.  Often.  I can even bake, though not nearly as well as I cook. 
  • I can throw a party.  It is something I love, whether it's a small playdate lunch, drinking on our front porch, or a wedding for 300.  I won't do it professionally though because it's not fun when I am not emotionally invested in the guest of honor or when they are an asshat and I still have to deal with them. 
  • Quitting smoking.  It took me 57 tries to get it right, but it's been 4+ years smoke free.  It is a great source of pride for me.
  • Honesty.  Don't ask me things because  I will tell you the truth whether that is the answer you're looking for or not.  To avoid being pissed at me giving an answer you don't want to hear?  Don't ask.  And almost everytime you ask me if you're too needy, spending stupidly, dating emotionally unavailable and/or people too young for you, being stalker-esque or being rude, I will likely answer yes... but, you probably already knew that before you asked. 
  • Marrying well.  I most assuredly chose a man better than myself & who works so insanely hard for his family that I feel like a slacker most of the time.  The dude liked me and I tried to pawn him off for 6 months.  It turns out that he perservered, won me over, then took pity on me and decided to spend the next 75 years by my side. 
  • Appreciating what I have and who I am.
I am good-ish at a few things.
  • Voicing my opinion, though I very much need to work on listening before I open my mouth.
  • Being a mom.  Finn is {mostly} normal and doesn't {often} fight with his friends, he's surprisingly well adjusted for a three year old.  He was pooping on the potty a month before turing two and peeing on the potty without accident a month after turning two. That is despite people that ran their mouth non-stop to anyone that would listen that SURELY it was an anomoly and he would regress.  I do want to tear my hair out when he is insane and I'm not always good with the consistency and I'm not one of those parents that has every minute of every day planned out.  Unless by planned out I mean staying in our pjs all day reading books & playing cars.  He is kind to his pets, he loves to read, he is a snuggler, and amazes me daily.  Oh, and one more thing... some days he thinks he is Lightening McQueen.  So, um, there is that.
  • Money.  Our cars are paid off, our mortgage is purposefully well below our means, & I understand the value of compound interest, so we won't be eating dog food in our 80s.  I'm impulsive though and don't always think before I buy.  There is always room for improvement and we need to get back budgeting.
  • Travel despite dragging along the man who is, without a doubt, an international incident waiting to happen.  I didn't add myself to the fantastic category here because I'm super awful at the navigation part.  But international incident man makes up for my serious lack of knowing where the fuck I am and steers us in the right direction.  {See why marrying well is in the fantastic category?}
Things that will elude me for the rest of my life because I suck.
  • Cleaning.  Organizing.  Paperwork.  I get on top of this stuff and then get woefully behind.  On top, behind, on top, behind... sounds good if we're talking about sex, not so much if you're talking about laundry mountains and piles of mail.  Don't get me wrong, if you come to my house it will be clean, unless you show up unexpectedly or are in the "inner sanctum" and I let you see it when a tornado has hit.
  • Dieting/Exercise.  I am not a size 2, nor will I ever be, but I will tell you how cute you are if you're a size 2 {and very much mean it} and then eat a cheeseburger and be ok with that.
  • I swear.  Like a sailor sometimes most days.  I'm not even sure why because I have a decent vocabulary aside from the four letter variety.
  • Sleep.  I am in bed WAY too late on a regular basis & I nap when Finn does.  Often.   
  • Wearing clothes other than pj pants, yoga pants, or colors other than black.  And while we're at it, I'll throw in a side of "I wear Crocs and love them," to add to your reading pleasure.  They are hideous, yes, but they are comfortable.
Your turn to tell me who YOU are...  Whether it's your first visit or your hundredth, I'd love to hear one thing you're fantastic at, one thing you're pretty good at, and one thing you aren't so good with.


Ashley said...

I have a confession. I love Crocs. Awful I know.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Fantastic: Directions and knowing where I am. I hate it when people are talking about a restaurant and point in the completely wrong direction. I always know where north is. I love maps. Give me a map book and I'm like a human GPS.
good: I'm a good sister. Not great, because I barely remember birthdays, but I'm good for chatting and moral support and mining mom for information. I'll let you complain about your husband all you want!
ng: Spelling and grammar. It is bad and getting worse. I honestly scrolled up after I typed "fantastic" to check your post to see if it was right.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

p.s. wearing real crocodiles on my feet might be comfortable as hell, but you won't catch me dead in them either!

Michelle said...

Ha ha Bun, don't be a hater miss shoe fetish girl.

Nikki said...

I'm fantastic at swearing!!! I too think I have a good vocabulary but the "F" word seems to fit into so many sentences!!!
I'm good at organizing...for the most part!! I'm a little anal when it comes to certain things.
I suck at checking my emotions at the door. I'm very passionate about a lot of things and get easily pissed and then cry! I need to figure out how to control that shit!!

I love your list. I love reading your's so honest and well written...I love that you swear...I totally do and try to write like I talk. It's refreshing to hear someone be real!

Elise said...

Fantastic: making decisions
Good: keeping my living space clean and organized
Horrible: anything school related

HA! okay so maybe I'm only good at making sarcastic remarks....switch those around a little bit and you've got it, but you already know these things.

Holly Lefevre said...

Oh fellow Aries I see so much of myself here...I can throw a party (although I chose to do it professionally)...I married well but only tried to pawn my hubby off for 3months before succumbing...being a there are the crocs...not my favorite shoes...I do own a pair...they have their place.

Happy Tuesday!

Jennifer said...

I loved the use of "asshat"
Fantastic: Teaching Sunday School (gay, right?)
Good: Being a mom
Horrible: Finances

LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

Hmmm...this is tough!
Great at: 80s music trivia. I'm unstumpable. If only I could make money doing it.
Good at: making lists and plans.
Stink at: following through with my lists and plans.

Amy said...

Fantastic: Having good self esteem and being happy with myself and my choices.
Good: Doing things that scare me because I know I'll be better for it. Staying calm in crisis situations.
Not Good: Math. At all.

Anonymous said...

funny how we have the same husband and treat him the exact same way!

fantastic: judging people's characters. so i've been told.
good: writing.
not good: i'm stealing the math one. i'm like forrest gump when it comes to math.

Unknown said...

your forgot are so wonderful and soooo marvelous!

Jackie said...

So I started commenting on this post with the idea of being able to do a quick summary of the three areas. But I got to Fantastic and had nothing....I got to good and was stumped (not that I am not good at anything I just don't feel strongly about any of it) and as for not good...well it seems I am mostly not good with giving myself any credit for my accomplishments.
An intriguing post Michelle....

belles♥mom said...

Fantastic @ being an adult student, it's amazing how much more I value my education this time around.
I'm good-ish @ movie quotes, knowing song lyrics, organization (most of the time), I have an infatuation with plastic bins but there are worse addictions right?, I've become a decent baker (I'll never reach my MIL's level but she's been a great teacher!) and I LOVE being a mommy & wife, I'm not perfect but they both know that I couldn't love them more!
And I suck @ writing (journals, thank yous, baby books I'm behind on them all- totally hopeless), painting, directions (I could get lost in a large closet and I'm always the girl at the doctors office wandering around for the exit) and cooking (yes, you may laugh) but luckily my husband excels at most of the things I suck at so we balance each other out lol. said...

Can I just tell you how much I loved this list? Especially," I am not a size 2, nor will I ever be, but I will tell you how cute you are if you're a size 2 {and very much mean it}" That is so awesomely supportive! I loved the very much mean it part!

I am a fantastic organizer, a goodish cook and a terrible gardener- but I'm working hard at improving that last one!

Anonymous said...

I'm fantastic at all things in the bedroom; including but not limited to, making the bed, organizing closets and drawers, sleeping,etc...

I'm good-ish at board games, doing what I say I'm going to do and being a sister and friend (always trying to be better).

I don't stand a chance with; deadlines, self control (shoes and eating are the things that get me), and exercising.

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