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22 April 2010
Sorry for the light posting this week... I'm preparing for Finnegan's party this weekend, which I admit, has been put on the backburner a bit too long and now it is crunch time and we spent most of yesterday at the zoo enjoying every second of the gorgeous weather and my house is a disaster so I probably should get that clean and my bathroom is STILL not finished, but that is ok for now because we're Dave is working on it AND most importantly, I should be figuring out what to wear to the Elton John concert when I whisper sing Hold Me Closer Tony Danza in Dave's ear. 

Because he will love that.

And I know I should be all Earth Day yada yada today, but I'm ok with the fact that we compost & bring reusable bags everywhere, even if your friends {Ann Marie} make fun of you for bringing them to the mall.

And my toes, they are like ruby slippers, if ruby slippers were pink Wet n Wild sparkly nail polish that I received {also Ann Marie} for my birthday.

Yep, I'm going to be up to my eyeballs in Lightening McQueen and Sir Elton this weekend.   What are your weekend plans??  Please tell me it's something infinately more relaxing!  And if anyone has good concert photo taking tips, I'd love to hear them!


Emily said...

The toes would be so much better if they were green and sparkly. Just sayin'.

As for the weekend, I'm hoping to force B to finish touching up the paint in the boys' rooms and put up W's shelves, set up the nursery, wash baby clothes, install a car seat, clean the whole house (it's a WRECK), buy stuff to finish decorating the boys' rooms, go to Finn's party, pack my hospital bag, figure out what the hell we're bringing the baby home in, name the kid, and nap.

How much do you want to bet I do none of that except going to Finn's party and napping? I really need to start nesting.

MommyLisa said...

I love love love that polish!

Amy Dean Stuempges said...

I can't wait to hear about the party and the concert! Our nephew is OBSESSED with "Carsh", as he calls it, so I am looking forward to getting some good ideas from you.
I love Hold Me Close My Tony Danza!!! Elton does a duet of this song with Ryan Adams (one of MY obsessions) and it is fantastic!
As far as concert photo taking...I always try to shoot without the flash. Try changing your settings and do a few practice shots. The flash always washes things out so much plus with the reflection from all the glitter on stage, it may knock Elton out. :) Have FUN!!!!

Jennie said...

I'm looking to have an adventure Saturday but not sure what we'll end up doing.

I also want to bake something. Probably something Giada inspired.

Happy party weekend to you!

Stacy Kaye said...

I'm planning to continue the journey of unpacking the bajillion boxes in our basement guest bedroom...that and picking out carpet for our basement rooms. I'm actually looking forward to it though!

AnnMarie said...

You're toes look sooooo badass it's not even funny!! See, you stepped outta the box and look what the hell happened!?!? AHHH!! I love it!
Annnd yes, I did make fun of you for whipping out your reusable bad while at the mall...most people pull mace, their wallet, cell phone, etc. outta their purse...but no, not you, not my friend whip out your reusable bag. Don't think for even a hott minute that I didn't see the other ones in that purse of yours too!! Thanks for mentioning me in your blogity blog :) much love
-Ann Marie

P.S. When we going to the mall again?? lol

Kelly said...

I am so glad you are stepping outside of the box with the glitter nail polish. Now you absolutely cannot make fun of me for doing it anymore, lol. It's just easier to paint with glitter polish and doesn't look ridiculous if you mess up. ;0)

lo said...

I'm going to Rock City Tennessee this weekend! So excited to see all the little garden gnomes and random sculptures.

My concert photo tips are to not get drunk and take photos on the wrong setting :) Have fun!

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