Stop Light Rice Krispie Treats

25 April 2010
Currently I'm blinking back the glitter bouncing off SIR Elton John & attempting to come up with a post about Finnegan's awesome Cars themed party.  Until that happens or EJ holds Tony Danza closer, you will have to make due with the Stop Light Rice Krispie Treat. 

So, they are a little bit of a pain in the ass to make, but they are really really good.  I'm not a fan of decorated stuff... don't put sprinkles on my cookies, don't fancy up my brownies, I'll take my pie with a small dollop of whipped cream though.  Anywho, these, fancy as they may be, are going to be made again.

First, you get over to visit Bridget at Bake at 350, read her tutorial and make yourself a batch of her royal icing.  And go for the good stuff, use the merengue powder from Williams-Sonoma.  The Wilton stuff is really not near as good.  OK, so make that batch of royal icing, you can halve it for today's purpose OR you can make some cookies to use up the stuff that you have left over.  I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Once your icing is made you dye it red {LOVE the Americolor red, thanks Steph!}, green, and yellow.  Thin it slightly with some water once the color you love is achieved.  Now... this isn't as thin as flood icing, I added just enough to make it a really thick pancake batter consistency.  Let it sit a minute, pop the bubbles just like Bridget tells you to & pour it into squeeze containers.  I like to put the cap on and turn upside down in a drinking glass so I'm not contstantly shaking the icing to the top.

Then, you carefully squeeze a bit out onto the wax paper lined baking sheet, keeping the tip in one place forming a perfect circle.  This is why it can't be super thin or it will spread like crazy.  My yellow was a bit more thin and it spread more than the red or the green.

Great Glossy Buttons Batman!  Look at how EASY that was.  Now leave them to dry overnight if you can, if not 12 or so hours would be good.  Um, take my word people, do not try to pick them up even if the top is perfectly dry and you are the world's most impatient person.  Not that I would know anything about that.  Ahem.

So once the lights are dry completely, you go out and buy a sheet of Rice Krispie treats because those are best left to the pros AND the sheet is perfect for cutting into exact, wonderful square shapes.  And if you are anything like me, you'll take the easy way out.

Then you take your perfect shape and dip just the face edge in melted chocolate.  Use an offset spatula {or any knife will do} to smooth the chocolate.

Then you pop the red, yellow, & green royal icing lights onto the wet chocolate & allow to set.  The best part for me?  Aside from eating them, because yum, they stand up!  It was perfect for displaying.

There you have it, Stop Light Rice Krispie Treats!

PS  How much trouble do you think I'll get in for taking a camera with me?

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Amy said...

CUTE! But I would have used M&Ms instead of icing. :)

Michelle said...

Amy, the m&ms would have been too small. These are more like the size of a nickle or in between a nickle & quarter.

AnnMarie said...

Awesome! When I first saw the pic I thought you used M&M's...just sayin. Your badass mind never ceases to amaze me :)

belles♥mom said...

You could always make small stop light rice crispy treats and then the m&m's would look proportional....I'm just sayin' lol They are WAY too adorable though Michelle!!

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

NO WAY! What a cute idea! I thought the lights were M&M's too... but what a fabulous idea. This is great for all the little boys out there who love cars and trucks!! Thanks for sharing!


Amy said...

I thought they were M&Ms at first too... they just look smaller in the pics than IRL I guess! Cute anyway!

belles♥mom said...

Just had a thought that these will be an AMAZING treat after safety city graduation (yeah I know if a few years away but whateves) and lets face it I'm already planning on making these when Belle gets her

Home-Mom said...

yeah again with the yummy chocolate finds ;)
thanks for this great easy recipe and perfect pictures
I cam over to see what other goodies you had from Can I link to you for my belated monday mommy yummy? email me at christyhayhurst at hotmail dot com

Dianne Hudson, Darwen, England said...

A big thank you Michelle, my son is having a Cars Birthday party on Sunday and I have like a fuel (fool) decided that 35-45 children will be a great number of kids to have. (I work as a party organiser and host for a childrens centre, so have a little inside knowledge) I have made pit crew passes, colouring books, drinking straw decorations and my own party bags, now seeing loads of cake ideas on net, Sammy has decided he would like a piston cup cake, not alaying down one, a stand up one, HELP!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just adore this party. i am doing the same theme for my sons party, and I printed out all the free sinage...thank You! I was wondering about the smaller signs/labels you have on the drinks and the stop lights label. Did you print those out as well?

Thank you.

Michelle said...

Hi Anon,
I don't have the smaller ones, they were just labels that I made and printed.

Corinne Noble said...


My kids have made this snack before, but I was unable to find any pictures from it. I am blogging about a bunch of snacktivities I love to do with my kids and was wondering if I could us your picture in the blog post? Let me know.


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