06 April 2010
Remember that last couple months of school when the warm weather made it virtually impossible to sit through classes?  When you wanted nothing more than to ditch and hang out in the park all day with your friends?  When you would sit and stare out the window longingly hoping for the bell?  Homework went by the wayside, who cares... you were already accepted at XYZ University.

Yeah.  I've got that.

Only I don't really have an excuse because I am not in school.  And really, you're not supposed to just give up on being a stay at home mom and your blog readers don't much enjoy it when you give up on posting either. 

Cleaning?  Bah.  I'd rather be snuggled up taking an afternoon nap with Finn, the windows flung open and the ceiling fan pulling warm breezes through the room.  I'd rather spend an impromptu hour at the park gossiping with the cool moms & watching Annabelle climb up the rock wall by herself for the very first time, and Ollie giggling like crazy, and Finnegan swinging on the big swings like a champ, and Elliot taking it all in because those big kids are just crazy and he doesn't know what to think.

Oh yes, yes, I did do some laundry and dishes and there is a crafty project in the works and I made lunch and dinner and helped Dave with a couple things in the bathroom.  Am I justifying?  Hell yes.  My house is a disaster and Finn ate lots of Easter candy today and didn't go to bed until 10 pm and really, I don't give a shit.  We had a fun day.



Ashley said...

I feel ya. Although I just got my mojo back, my laptop crapped out and I seriously hate using the desktop PC. So posting will be really light. Like probably nonexistent. Ugh.

Keep having fun and doing what you want to do. It's your life, you don't have to share it all. Except bathroom pics, you do have to share those.

Jennifer said...

My kids had brownies for breakfast this morning. I think I have senioritis every day.

@JessEsco said...

That's awesome. Because sometimes who cares if your kid doesn't go to bed early because you are hanging out. Love it.

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