How Dave Lost Me Hanging Out With Pioneer Woman.

12 April 2010
Ree & the awesomeness of the quiz opened a whole CAN of worms in my house tonight.  I just want to state for the record that he {Dave} is totally handing over the gift card if he wins it because his awesome wife answered {most} everything else.

I mean, I was going to WIN the quiz and hang out and be BFF's {but not bloggy BFF's because that is my Ash} with Ree and we'd be all, calfnutssaywhat, and Dave would say "what" and we would laugh and point.  Then we would put girly green masques on and gossip about the boys we liked.  Finn would learn how to ride horses and we would hang out on the View because that is what you do when you are the Pioneer Woman.

But, he ruined everything again with his stupid wild boar answer.

I asked him about twenty-five times if he was sure because it didn't seem right to me.  I said, "that's Africa in the picture, is it wild boar? That doesn't seem right."

And stinkin Dave says, "oh, yeah, looks like a wild boar to me."  {I think he plotted not to google AFRICA even though I mentioned it 25 times when making the judgement call.}

I was being smug about the quiz making fun of Stephanie for screwing up another question and she asks me about the warthog.  FREAKING Dave and his dumb wild boar that is really a WARTHOG.

And then he went and did this...

Happy Monday.   How was your weekend?

PS.  If you haven't done so already, get thee to the giveaway and do a random act of kindness this week. Pretty please with sugar on top!

PPS.  If you're new here this is not indicative of my usual posting.

PPPS.  I'm totally lying.  It is.


Michelle said...

And you can click on the Facebook pic to enlarge so you can read it!

thegirlwhohadstarbucksandwasupallnight said...


Claire said...

Oh man.. your PPS actually sunk my heart for a breif second..
I was like "this isnt normal for her?? pssshh nevermind!"
Than you saved it & were like "duh this is so normal" and I was all THANKCRAP!! This means I can be your newest stalker. Hooray!!
PS- Happy UBP!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that news report was right. Perhaps Facebook CAN be blamed for divorces and marital discourse. Hmmm...

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