Giving Up on Perfect for Done.

07 April 2010
Our neighbors probably hate us.  Last night, it was the wailing two year old.  Tonight, the F-bombs were a flying from us mostly me.  Happy spring!  Your neighbors are screaming lunatics including the pint sized one... yaaaaaay open windows!

The bathroom remodel came at just the right time for me to have forgotten the crazy mess and stress and arguments that ensued during the kitchen remodel of 2006.  Tear up our house and cover everything in drywall dust?  I will even throw in a potty trained two year old that decides to poop at 10 pm on the only night that the toilet is pulled out to sweeten the deal. 

Hell yes!  Sign me up.

My stress level is at about a ten.  Dave's is, I would imagine, about a 95.  We both want this remodel done.  It is that last freaking 10% that seemingly takes the longest, isn't it??  It's probably why there is still some trim that needs to be finished in the kitchen.  Please see the above 2006 date and then re-read.

You see, I am a doer.  Bam!  Walls coming down, paint going up, being able to brush my teeth in the new sink, taking a shower...  I need to see results.  I do things like this.  It doesn't have to be perfect, it has to be done.

Dave is a perfectionist.  He can spend all day in a room fixing every miniscule detail, no matter how seemingly insignificant.  He sees every little thing.  That drop of paint on the floor, the need to sand the woodwork down completely, the benefit of 95 trips to the store that shall not be named because it is my least favorite in the whole world just to get a piece that no one realistically will see behind the sink.  It's not done, until it's perfect.

You see where this might either be a really incredible combo or really really bad?   Add in zero sleep for one of us and a nap taking wife and you can see where things might flare up a bit?

The "angry" lasted approximately 23 minutes.  And then we laughed and kissed.  He made the 96th trip to the store that shall not be named and brought me Starbucks.  He also installed the faucet so that I can take a bath in the morning, right after I hit the tub with a vat of Soft Scrub.   The before & after pics will come soon, but for now we're calling it done for the night.

I am so glad where it counts, my marriage, I didn't give up on perfect for done.    


Ashley said...

Oh gah girl. You know I just went through this and Warren and I are the same way. He freaks over the details and I just want it done. Hugs!

Jackie said...

I swear I never thought you would be the sane relationship one...bravo!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I could have written this! We are the exact same way and even though we have about a million unfinished "unperfect" projects at the crack house, I'm soo glad he's my husband!

Elizabeth said...

Uh oh. Not to say ahhhhhh, but the bathroom is going bye bye on Thursday and now I'm sitting here reading about this...YOU ARE SCARING ME! How about telling me how wonderful life is after?! ;)

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