29 Days of Giving Update

05 April 2010
I've been doing lots of giving.  This round of the 29 Days of Giving has been in some ways easier and some ways much more difficult.  I have been attempting to do different things than I did the first round and it makes it a bit more challenging.  I have also been trying to be open to what the universe has in mind for my giving as well. I am trying to take advantage of opportunities to give that present themselves to me... I'm not always the best listener, sometimes I need to be slapped in the face a bit with an obvious, "this is what you should be doing Michelle!"  I'm working on it.     

So far, my list includes sending goodies back to school with Elise, making dinner for friends, sushi & a movie {& really the gift of uninterrupted "us" time} with Dave, printable cupcake toppers for you all, birthday gifts for my nephew & my friend Stephanie, a few thank yous for my Dad, flowers for Dave's Oma, smiles, advice, kind words, a springtime walk with Finnegan through our neighborhood, a batch of Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Oreos, slipping $10 to my sister for gas, time with Meme, and this...

This week?  It's going to be even better.  A small check to a very deserving Hospice family, cleaning the house & running errands for Dave, helping my sister Lyndsey paint her bedroom, baby name books to the OB department of the hospital where I delivered Finnegan, & a trip to the zoo for Finnegan.  

Have you given of yourself today?  Start with a smile and a hello.


Meg said...

So inspiring! I really admire your mission to give more. One of my resolutions for 2010 was to give to a charity every month and you've really shown that there is so much more out there to do. I particularly appreciate that you've gotten so creative with your generosity. You're helping out in so many different ways. Thanks for sharing! You've definitely inspired me.

Anonymous said...

so i should be saying something about how wonderful and inspiring and generous you are...but instead i need to say how FABULOUS you hair looks...

michelle (the other one, the crazy one, in california)

Jackie said...

WOW your hair looks great Michelle!

nicóle said...

Ohhhhhhhh! I love this idea! :)

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