Super Mario Theme Birthday Ideas for JHB

07 February 2010
My friend Stephanie is planning a Super Mario party for her son's birthday and asked for some ideas to get started.  So Steph, I hope you get lots of inspiration here.  Please take lots of photos so we can do a feature of JHB's party!

I try to skip buying licensed products as much as possible, I think it makes a bigger impact when used in small doses.  So for the tableware & utensils, skip the boring Mario plates and just go with any of the bright colors.  I might make a little exception for these cute napkins from Amazon.  The same with brightly colored balloons, they make a big impact and they're about 1/4 the cost of the licensed products.  You could also cut out & hang Mario stars or the 1-up mushrooms from the ceiling, or just stick them random places.

Colors:  Red, Green, Blue, & Yellow

Free Printable Items:
Question Mark block template, print on heavy white cardstock, cut and assemble.  These would be cute for tables or for favors to take home.

Tons of free Mario coloring pages are here.  They would be great for keeping the kids busy or for sending home with the goodie bags.

From Oriental Trading:
Mustaches so you can have a bunch of Marios & Luigis running around.  I'm guessing that these are so fun, even the adults would get into this one {you may want to get extras} $4.99/dozen

Gold Coins use these for winning games just like Mario collects them throughout the game, the kids can take them home in their goodie bags too.  $3.99/144pcs  or if you prefer, you can get Chocolate Coins $9.99/60 pieces.

Bright Baseball Caps can be made into Luigi & Mario caps. $19.99/doz.  Ok, I know that they're only supposed to be red & green, but I don't think the kids will mind & all of these colors would match the party.  Get some white felt and cut circles out, glue those on and some felt to match the color of the hat to cut the letters out.  If you want to be super awesome, you can use each child's initial to make their own special cap!

Inspiration Parties & Ideas:
Danielle's party via At Home with Kim Vallee

I love EVERYTHING about this awesome Mario Party via The Tanooki.  The piranah plant centerpieces are do-able and absolutely incredible.  They make such a statement & look pretty easy to figure out. 

These invites from Chica & Jo would be easy to re-create, especially with the great tutorial she gives.

Food Ideas:
These cookies from Geeky Cookies would be super easy to re-create!  Check out this post for a great cookie & frosting recipe.  The dots on the 1-up mushroom would be so simple using flood royal icing.

Keep it simple and go with multi-colored cupcakes & make cute cupcake toppers!  If you would rather buy the toppers, these from Etsy seller ddiapercakes would be a great addition at $22.99 for 40.

Updated to add:  this link of FABULOUS Mario cakes ideas from Cake Wrecks.

How about Princess Peach smoothies or Yoshi juice?  You could also go with brightly colored juice boxes or small gatorades in yellow, red, green, & blue.

Fill bowls or a vase with brightly colored m&ms.

And PIZZAS, of course, as an hommage to Mario & Luigi's heritage.  If you're feeling adventurous, you can even have the boys create their own.

If you're REALLY feeling adventurous and you have the time, check out the 1Up Mushroom Burgers from Instructables.

Games & Activities:
How about a wii Mario Kart tournament?

Yoshi's Egg Hunt - fill easter eggs {they should be redily available right now!} with gold coins, some could have pics of Bowser Jr or Kammy Koopa.  The person with the most gold coins at the end could win a special prize.

CreatWe an obstacle course for the boys to run through.  Through a tube, over the koopas, jump up to hit the 1-up mushroom, etc...

Want to see how it turned out?  Best Super Mario party ever.


Kristin said...

If you have time (and the inclination), there are many, many papercraft modesl of Super Mario Bros. characters that could work as decorations - is a good resource, but you can just search for "mario papercraft and see how many links there are. :) Also, if you want to extend the multi-colored hat theme, Wario and Waluigi are Mario and Luigi's evil brothers - Wario wears a yellow hat and Waluigi wears purple. :)

Kelly said...

That would be such an awesome theme! =0) Ever decide on what F is going to have this year??

angela said...

Those cookies are too cute. Thanks for sharing!

Kathryn said...


Chica and Jo said...

We just added 2 downloadable templates for making Koopas and Goombas if you would like to use them as decorations! Thanks for the link!

Yonaton said...

My brothers having a mario party and great ideas

Anonymous said...

How would you incorporate the princess I'm doing a double b'day party boy and girl

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