Right Said Fred.

03 September 2008

My brother in law texted me this morning to give me shit about not giving fair and equal time to the RNC on my blog. Ummm... yes I watched, but the DNC is obviously more deserving of my (blog) time Britt. Here is the funny thing about my family... most of us bleeding heart liberals are married to and/or dating republicans. My Meme constantly tells us that she must have been doing something wrong if we all chose republicans. At least we're cancelling their vote out. So here Britt... so you don't have to start your own blog. Here is your damn RNC post. Comment away.
Oh yeah, and a little bit for Lynds too... every single time I see Fred Thompson speak it makes me think I am watching Law & Order. I wonder if this is how the old timers felt about watching Reagan when he ran?

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britt said...

About time. A little bit of political equality is all i ask.I agree with the Law & Order comment.

ps- i am neither dem or repub... I'm a**hole...

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