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07 September 2008
We headed to the zoo this morning to buy a membership & do a little polar bear observing. Unfortunately BOTH cubs, if you can call them cubs anymore, were zonked out.

Then to Packos at the Park for lunch, over to J-ma & Papa's house. They had their gallery open for the Wander the Warehouse District event. Then, it was over to the main library for some stories & playtime in the toddler room. I see another trip there soon with some friends, there were about 5 times the amount of board books as our branch, tons of toys, and lots of things to climb on and explore.

Daddy is going to be happy to go back to work on Monday after all that running around.
And as a side note, our weekend didn't even compare to what Bunny was doing. Check it out here. The woman never ceases to amaze me. Congrats BunBun, you kick ass.

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