Prudence, you are a genius.

18 September 2008
People, if you haven't checked out my daily reads -----> right over there to the right, you really should take a small gander at Prudence Pennywise. I can't even remember how I stumbled upon her fun blog, but I'm hooked. So in my quest for new recipes and meal planning fun, Prudence has surpassed all others, at least for this week.

So far this week, we have made the Strawberry Ice Cream sans the white chocolate and the ice cream maker. YUM.

And the granola found here. I added a cup and a half of nuts instead, half a cup each of walnut, almond, and pecan. Then, at the end added craisins. The little bug can not get enough of the stuff. It is much better than store bought.

The yummiest salad ever, based on her salad posted here. We used her exact homemade dressing, but fudged the salad a bit. I marinated 1/4 chicken breast, cut into chunks in teriyaki, sauteed that in a pan with olive oil, then pulled it out and sprinkled liberally with sesame seeds. We then used a butter lettuce mix, topped it with avacado, mandarin oranges, the chicken, and chow mein noodles. We'll be making this one a staple. It was so quick and easy and goooood.

Tonight, it was the greatest brats ever. This is totally a married person dinner my friends, the onions alone can kick your butt so it's not date friendly. We sliced the brats in half and that made it somewhat easier to eat. Grilled apples. Good. Grilled onions. Good. Brats. Good. All together on one fantastic sandwhich? Oh. Lordy. Delish.

So go on over there and check her out. You won't be sorry.

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mara said...

Cutting the brat in half? Genius. Inspired. Brilliant. I love you.
Not only will it stay in place but you won't get shot in the face (oh ha ha ha) with grody brat juice when you break the skin. No really, I am an idiot, and you are a genius.

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