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15 September 2008
I am in a rut people. I've been trying all year to meal plan. For the most part, I've done ok. Mediocrity isn't my thing... well, except when it comes to cleaning my house. So I've been on the lookout for some meal planning ideas, new recipes and the like. What I've found instead is loads and loads of SAHM (stay at home mom) blogs that are a bit Duggar-esque for my liking. Are ultra conservative Christians the only people who meal plan these days?

So I have some leads and I found some great stuff at Prudence Pennywise, but if you have any great sites for me to check out, please post a comment. I only ask that they be relatively easy to locate ingredients and not too difficult to throw together.

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britt said...

No sites ...Just ideas. Fall fruits and veggies are ready. Apple tarte tatin, Acorn squash risotto, Pumpkin soup... BIL

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