Nice to meet you.

01 September 2008
I ran into my ex at the grocery store tonight... if you could call him that. I don't even know if we really dated so much as slept together on and off for more years than I care to remember. It was in my young and stupid days. Why couldn't he have just completely ignored me? I quite honestly wouldn't have even realized he was standing a line over, I was preoccupied. But nooooo.

Instead I get yelled to across the checkout lane. Introduced to his wife. And his kids. And I in turn had to do the same. Then I was practically having laughing convulsions in the line at the Kroger store when I told my husband who it was. Then, it was more than a nice to meet you as he took another look at who I used to be an idiot over.


britt said...

At least yours isnt living within shouting distance..Along with being invited over a cookout. BIL

Jackie said...

And which young and stupid days mistake was this?....any hints for those of us far and wide?

Jackie said...

Ohhhhhhh that one.....

Kelly said...

LOL at miniscule;0) Sucks that the idiot didn't avoid the awkwardness of that situation.

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