Not to open a whole can of worms.

16 September 2008
Do you and your family members have the same political views? As this election looms closer, I feel blessed that Dave and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum, yet seem to respect each other's views. Well... maybe respect is too strong a word. Tolerate, perhaps? Laugh at with a raised eyebrow, maybe?

We both were raised differently. We're molded, but not exactly the same as our parents... and their parents before them.

I am a tree hugging liberal. Dave is a libertarian really, but tends to vote republican most of the time. The funny thing is that he loves NPR, he just doesn't want to pay for it. There may be a little liberal in there somewhere Love.

We used to love watching Meet the Press on Sunday mornings together. Our friends thought we were weirdos, but we enjoyed those debates that inevitably followed. Tim Russert was an equal opportunity basher and the best political reporter of our time in my opinion. It just hasn't been the same without him. Especially with the appointment of the VP nominees for both parties.

One of the best conversations I have ever had with my husband was on our first trip together. We sat in a cozy little restaurant in Cleveland, next to a fireplace and debated until we were blue in the face. I think really that is when I fell in the deepest love of my life.

So, Love, looking forward to the next 50-ish days of discussions with you. Someday, there will be more than a 2 party system and your candidate will have a fighting chance, at least, here is hoping.


Amy said...

Everyone knows Libertarians a great in bed. Hence you and my husband both being married to them.... and why D takes long runs every night. ;)

Michelle said...

Don't flaunt your affair with my husband on my very own blog. You have your own blog for that. By the way... when are you going to update it? I think a trip to Sauder is in order.

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