18 September 2008
On. Everything.

And insisting on putting on his own hat. Um, let mommy just fix those ears, they're not really supposed... oh, ok, you don't want me to fix them. Yeah. Mommy hopes they aren't stuck like that forever, but she is secretly pleased that you look like Dobby the House Elf.

And climbing some more.

His new trick is jumping off of things. This should be fun.


Amanda said...

LOL at Dobby the House Elf!!! That is HILARIOUS!!

britt said...

His first trip the the ER for stitches or a cast isn't far now...Wonder where his affection for hats originated?? BIL

Kelly said...

Lol at the House Elf comment, Finn's too cute! =0) I agree with your BIL, it won't be long, lots of bumps and bruises and owwies in your future. I'm here for ya, lol. =0)

Amy said...

I think I just woke up B by laughing!! Finn is so cute!!!! LOVE him!

mara said...

So effing cute!

Lori said...


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