My husband is a little in love with some of my friends.

09 July 2008
You Know Who (YKW) is a little in love with some of my friends. OUTRAGEOUS!!! you say? Not so much. He mostly loves them because well, I pick some funny ass, beautiful, lovely women to surround myself with. Plus, these women, my friends, keep me sane(ish) so a sane wife is a better wife. YKW is intelligent and recognizes this. Plus, they do some funny and sometimes assinine things.

There is Hizzle, my former partner in crime and Alisms at OLD JOB. There is Amy, whom I am not entirely sure isn't having an affair with him. There is Hott Cop because she's spunky and let's face it, a badass. And Sparky because she's feisty. And then there is Sarah, the original crush.

Remember her? She's the Fun One I talk about here. Aaaaand the lunatic I talk about here.

Today I get a text from her:
for your entertainment purposes i may have a date with a hunter gathering country boy with a southern drawl. i have lived here too long clearly.

Well Sarah, I know it's for 'my' entertainment purposes, so I hope you don't mind that it's also for the entertainment purposes of my husband. And my readers.

So I tell YKW about this text that made me laugh. He didn't even bat an eye... just mumbled something to the effect of expecting that kind of crazy date from Natalie (because these things happen to Natalie) and that Sarah really HAS been in Memphis too long. Then, about a half hour later he mentions that Sarah lives in the CITY and these things shouldn't happen in the city. Clearly still on his mind I say!

I would not be shocked in the least that this little "business trip" he is embarking upon tomorrow is really going down to rescue her. Be on the lookout Sarah.


Jackie said...

Ok. I don't know whether to be offended that i'm not on the list of "friend crushes" or laugh my booty off at Grace's text.

Grace said...

Entertainment purposes or not, it is my reality. The readers probably think I am insane, but that is ok. Karma has a way of biting me in the ass, so this boy will probably stick around long enough to hear this story.

Grace said...

Oh, I forgot, I may be able to change Dave's response. The boy's favorite beverage is Busch Light in a can. This goes against everything I believe in with beer. FYI, I call him Busch Light Boy.

Amanda said...

I am flattered that I made the cut! I think that I need to hang out with Dave more!

Amy said...

We are having an affair. Just for the record.

Michelle said...

I knew it Amy! KNEW IT!

Oh, and I totally forgot his DentaLori crush.

AnnMarie said...

I knew D had a crush on me! I'm still giving him a ticket though.

Dave said...

WTF?!?! I've come to expect the crazy-ass dating stories from you and Nat, but Grace, Busch Light... in a freakin' CAN? Really? Is there a beer koozie involved with this affront to beer drinking?

Dave said...

And FYI Hott Cop, you can't ticket me for public awesomeness. I have a license for that sort of stuff.

AnnMarie said...

LMAO, no damn way Dave. You know what, you're just not right.

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