T-Minus 11 HOURS.

10 July 2008
Until SPA DAY commences. I need this. Really. Really. REEEEally need this.

YKW is home safe and sound from his business trip. Turns out, he really WAS in St. Louis and not in Memphis rescuing Sarah.

Side note: Sarah, I think that this boy has REALLY poor judgement. Anyone that actually prefers something out of a can should be shot. There, I said it. Take his ass out back and put him out of his misery, Old Yeller style. Do it for the good of the NORTH. I think I am safe saying that Jackie would back me up here.

So back to my adventuring while D was gone. I found the BEST things at TJ Maxx (for the Minimum!) and I only spent $58 of YKW's money. I am giving you a little sneak peek...

By the way, if you could... sneek in a little visit to my friend Emily's blog and read her thankful list. And then leave me a comment about what YOU are thankful for.


Grace said...

Side note for Dave: St.Louis is only 5 hours from me, but don't tell your wife, she would have a heart attack at the idea of us drinking together without her.

Michelle, have a happy and relaxing spa day, you deserve it.

AnnMarie said...

All I have to say is Blue

Jackie said...

I would back you up M. But I did however remind our miss Grace that perhaps what used to be a deal breaker might be more of a have two kinds of beer in the fridge thing.

Oh and I am thankful for awesome friends and the ability to talk to them no matter where I am in the country and no matter what shift they work:)

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