Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!

08 July 2008
Oh Friday how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

One a stimulating bath in the color tub.
Two a massage.
Three a deep cleansing facial.
Four a much needed brow wax.
Five a manicure.
Six a pedicure. A lovely, lovely, foot massaging pedicure.
Seven a shampoo & blow out.

And lunch and FIVE and a HALF hours of uninturrupted time to my very own self... well, I'm sharing a little time with my mutha. But she's ok.

Heaven. Pure heaven.

Now, if I can just get through being a single mom for about 36 hours starting tomorrow morning at 5 am.... c'mon Friday! Mama needs a pedicure.

What color should I get on my toes. And Friend, you know who you are, if you suggest blue, I'll kick your ass.


Jackie said...

I want a Friday like that! And I always say go for the most outrageous named polish.

Unknown said...

Ummmm..... hello???? You need to go with green so ykw gets home he things you have a foot fungus! Okay, not really, I think that since it is right smack in the middle of the summer you need to go with some shade of pink, not that I am bias towards pink or anything!!!

Brittany said...

What's wrong with blue toes?

Emily said...

I also want a Friday (or any day, really) like that.

I'm a big fan of bright pink in the summer.

Stacey said...

You are so lucky! I'm jealous! Even though I did get a pedi a week ago..the other stuff sounds wonderful! How about some dark pinkish toes for summer!?! Or some pretty coral?!

Jen said...

I want a Friday like that! I like coral for summer. OPI has some fun bright new colors this year.

AnnMarie said...

C'mon live on the edge sister, go for the blue, orange, or green. How dare you go with the norm pink. Pshhhh whatevs!

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