Summer food and the arrival of the crazies.

08 July 2008
Image courtesy of Decisive Moment Photojournalism. You can visit their blog here. And two more crazies have been added since!

Next week my family arrives. To top all that off, we're having a reunion of the extended family. I don't think we've all (the extendeds) been together since the wake of my great-grandmother some fourteen years ago. There is a strange and wonderful cast of characters let me tell you. I am quite sure there will be stories, especially since the event is in a city (read DRY) park and well... we're Irish and Catholic. So yeah, that should work well.

So you'll have to wait for stories of the crazies, but for now, I'm busy planning a dinner menu for about 25 people. This is just the immediate family folks. Again, Irish Catholic. So I've been searching recipes and have come across a bunch of summery salads that I'd love to try even if they don't work out for this particular meal.

All are from Cooking Light and by clicking, you will be taken to the recipe.

What are some of your summery favorites?


Jackie said...

I'll always like the favorite Chicken Salad that Nanc always makes. You take some cooked, cubed chicken and mix it with the large seashell pasta (cooked) then add in chopped celery and chopped hard boiled eggs if you like. Then comes my favorite part, the Miracle Whip! Add as much as needed to make the salad moist and yummy. If you are making this ahead of time be sure to bring along some extra Miracle Whip because it will soak into the shells in the meantime. Serve with crusty bread and yummy!

Grace said...

ok, I am disturbed. Jackie referred to a white creamy substance as making something "moist and yummy".

Looking forward to stories, and which I was there to watch it all unfold.

Michelle said...

Ew. Just ew.

Jackie said...

Gutter minds I tell you! And about Nancy's recipe! Shame on you.

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