Knee high by the Forth of July

05 July 2008
My mom lives downtown so we get literally the best seat in the house for fireworks viewing. Usually they have a big party for the fourth and there are tons of people partaking in all of the festivities. This year they dispensed with all of the hoopla and just had my sister and her family and me and my family down for hot dogs. While the big festivities are nice, this was a really fantastic evening. It was quiet, not chaotic in the least and I had no problems keeping track of Finnegan. And let's face it, that is a MUST when you're 3 stories high.

Anywho, the big festivities will likely be back next year, but for now, here are the pictures of the quiet counterpart.

I wanna play! J-Ma, Finn, & Dylan.


The 1st show of the evening over Hen's Stadium.

Finn & Mama snuggled in watching the show.

The main attraction.

For firework photography tips, we consulted Canon Digital Learning and Digital Photography School.

And last, but not least.
Express written consent... blah, blah, blah fancypants beer drinking BIL.

Hope you all had an incredible, safe, happy 4th.

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britt said...

Phoned my legal consultant... That BIL is a funny guy....

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