Hell you say!

07 July 2008
So apparently, we're not supposed to be typing two spaces after sentences anymore? Well, while I like to fancy myself semi grammatically and spelling savvy, (admittedly not an Em or an Amy to be sure) I just can't stop the double spacing. I hope you all can deal.

Read about it here.

Oh, and Amy dearest, you'll be happy to know that EDAMAME is now not only a tasty treat for sushi... it's one of about 100 new official words in Websters.


Amy said...

Edamame can suck it. And I heard about the single spacing thing, and I will happily boycott that the rest of my life.__ So there.__

Emily said...

I was never taught to do two spaces. My typing teacher said it was optional. As a result, I hate it when people put two spaces after sentences. Drives me batty. I'm glad someone's finally getting the word out.

Jen said...

I'm slowly breaking the habit. Sort of. Unhappily. No, I'm really not, despite having to type that way every time I want to prepare something for publication. It's killing me to type that way right now.

Michelle said...

Ummmm damn it Em! Because you're 12 and learned probably on a computer and not a typewriter?

britt said...

Since my typing skills suck to say the least, shouldn't affect me a bit..ANd have you known me to conform to any rule??? Well maybe a few of Janets..
Edamame....It was in the dictionary, under soybeans.....You city folk..

Amy said...

THANK YOU BRITT. That was my whole point with the edamame. Let's give something completely normal that MOST PEOPLE feed to COWS and give it a trendy name, so they'll pay $7 for it, and think they've discovered a magical new food.

Emily said...

Why, yes, I did learn typing on a computer. Do you feel old now?

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