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15 July 2008
A big group of the fam arrived yesterday. And we've been having fun ever since. Today we're heading here... I haven't been in probably 10 years and I am so excited. It is the site of many fun childhood adventures and they've continued to add to it throughout the years. I'll maybe have pictures and a post this evening as well as the post about the Polish fest from Sunday. If I don't get to it today, I will this week... in between family dinners, cheer practice, and catching fireflies in Meme's backyard.


Jackie said...

I have not been to Sauder's since grade school! They have the best candy sticks.

hecknoin06 said...

Sauder's = 6th grade field trip. If I remember correctly their little general store that sold the candy kicked some serious ass. Enjoy!! :)

FancyPants said...

dont tell any one but Ive never been there...only drove by!

Jen said...

I haven't been to Sauder's in forever! I love it there.

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