{101 Things in 1001 Days}

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

And finally here it is... MY LIST expires on Sunday, May 27, 2012 as I do them, I'll update the in progress in italics, a note or just a simple crossing off the item for those that are done.
  1. add a stamp to my passport
  2. blog daily for one month {30/30} November 2011 
  3. send a package to Any Soldier
  4. learn to sew {I have my sewing machine & the lessons are forthcoming!}
  5. organize our house ideas binder & find our dream house
  6. pay cash for a new car  Bought a new car November 2011, didn't pay cash though
  7. save more monthly for our house downpayment
  8. visit 3 US cities I've never been to before {1/3} {Holland, MI, Solvang, CA, & Santa Barbara, CA}
  9. visit New England
  10. visit San Francisco {November 2009}
  11. read 50 books {16/50 Year of Living Biblically, The Know it All, The Guy Not Taken, Stuff White People Like, Hunger Games, My Horizontal Life, Two Kisses for Maddie, Obsolete, The Happiness Project, Seeing Me Naked, I Love Everybody and Other Atrocious Lies, Wild Women Throw a Party, The Love of Her Life, When Did I Get Like This, Austenland}
  12. go on 12 dates with my husband {7/12 Encore, dinner @ home, Earth Wind & Fire concert in June, Rockwells for our anniversary dinner, Chris + Niki's Wedding, Movie + Dinner for our anniversary, Amy + Tobias' Wedding}
  13. lose 15 pounds {2009... and then I gained it all back this is a never ending battle}
  14. learn Photoshop!
  15. go to bed by 10 pm every weeknight for 2 weeks {14/14} December 2010
  16. have another technology free day
  17. join BlogHer
  18. take one photo of Finnegan every day for 30 days {0/30}
  19. get our will completed {December 2010}
  20. get a membership to the art museum {September 2010}
  21. get started on baby #2  {due July 4, 2011}
  22. try geo-caching
  23. re-vamp our budget  {January 2012} 
  24. get a massage {pre-natal massage June 2011}
  25. host 5 game nights {1/5, Jan 2010}
  26. host a Christmas party {Cookie Swap December 2011}
  27. get a pedicure with my mom and my sister
  28. try one new food I am not sure I'd like {parsnips!}
  29. visit Elise in Kentucky {October 2009!}
  30. call my Meme, GramCrackers, and Oma once a week for a month {0/4}
  31. be the one to apologize first {to Dave when I was being a jackass}
  32. go to bed with a spotless kitchen every night for a week instead of leaving dishes for the morning {0/7}
  33. use my 'good' watercolor paper to create something beautiful with Finn {March 2010}
  34. learn to use the manual setting on our camera
  35. spend money locally 20 times when the option is available 
  36. write 50 handwritten letters {8/50}
  37. do something kind for a complete stranger {my RAOK birthday}
  38. do something kind for a friend September 2011
  39. clean out our cup/glasses cabinet
  40. buy a lottery ticket
  41. do the 29 days of giving challenge for the second time {Started March 2010}
  42. visit Revolver again {March 2010}
  43. write 101 comments on other people's blogs {Done!}
  44. watch every episode of The Office this season {Done!}
  45. help Annie get her art business up and running {this one used to be Etsy, but I think she has changed focus}
  46. take Finnegan sledding
  47. Meet my blogging readership goal. {Done!}
  48. be a better friend
  49. have a family photo taken
  50. join Toastmasters with Dave
  51. research {and buy} an electric tea kettle  {Thanks Lipton!}
  52. go apple picking {September 2010}
  53. set up an auto payment for Finnegan's 529
  54. hug someone that needs it
  55. go to Zingerman's again {October 2009}
  56. go to Mackinac Island {Fall 2010!
  57. go to the drive-in
  58. watch The Tudors first season {3/10}
  59. visit Steph, Sirius, Violet, and the dream killer in Chicago! {March 2010}
  60. go to a concert {Elton John in April, Barenaked Ladies in May, Earth Wind & Fire in June!!}
  61. brush Dexter once a week for 6 weeks
  62. be conscious and try to avoid using the word 'like' for one week in conversation {0/7}
  63. create a list of meaningful gifts for Christmas rather than being absorbed in the commercial {I wouldn't say that I was highly successful with this, maybe moderately successful since we still went a bit overboard with Finn's stuff.}
  64. create a new tradition in our family
  65. go camping!
  66. double our monthly family income {so so close!!}
  67. take my vitamins every day for a month {Thanks to baby #2 for being a great reason to do this.}
  68. watch 5 foreign films in 5 different languages {1/5 Kings of Pastry {mostly} in French, }
  69. research and find the best pre-school fit for Finnegan {September 2011}
  70. remodel the bathroom {Done(ish)!}
  71. eat at 7 new restaurants {7/7}  Red Welles, New Holland Brewing, Culiver's, Ambrosia, Sawyer's, Limon, Avenue Bistro, Table 44
  72. have the hallway plaster fixed & paint the hallway
  73. learn how to knit
  74. put in the front flower bed edging and mulch
  75. make macarons
  76. cut out all fast food for 6 months {2010}
  77. get & make Lisa's recipe for briased short ribs {October 2009}
  78. make Bridget's awesome potato soup again {January 2010}
  79. create a weekly menu plan for 6 straight weeks {0/6}
  80. re-hang the photos in our living room & add more
  81. clean out the basement and get rid of/donate all of the unwanted stuff  {We got a great start 12/09... still need to finish up}
  82. clean up the basement laundry area and make it a more enjoyable place to do laundry {September 2009... thanks Dave!!!}
  83. buy a new laptop
  84. buy and install new kitchen sink
  85. win something
  86. complete 30 consecutive days of the 30 Day Shred {0/30}
  87. get Finnegan's baby book up to date
  88. have a picnic with my friends {August 2011}
  89. make a household inventory for insurance purposes
  90. find & buy a new pair of favorite sunglasses... my faves got broken {thank you Therapy! in San Fran, they are awesome!}
  91. make a vision board {September 2009}
  92. practice french once a week for 3 months {0/12}
  93. make someone laugh
  94. make a donation to PBS & NPR
  95. buy a pair of red shoes
  96. let someone know how they've changed my life for the better
  97. make Dave an amazing breakfast in bed {January 2010}
  98. rent a house on a beach
  99. host The Night Before again now that we have a 'real' table
  100. Take Finnegan to the Butterfly House
  101. inspire 5 others to make a 101 list... if you do this after reading my post, please let me know & you can do this even if you don't have a blog... just grab a pen and a piece of paper! {5/5  Sam's List, Stace's List, done 10/2010}
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