09 April 2013

An overnight in Lexington with Aunt Lisey.  I think she needed it more than the kids did.


Next, we were off to Asheville to have loads of time with the 86’n It crew.  After a great egg hunt downtown, Marc + Nikki made the best dinner and we let the kids run wild in the backyard.  I snuggled Mina and tried to convince the Davester that we need just one more in our brood.  He maintains a ‘no’ on that one, but I can tell he was waffling a little bit holding her.

035 039

I’m pretty sure Finn was holding the door shut so Tate was trapped in the playhouse here…



And then Nikki and I were off for some last minute Easter Target-ing.  The Easter Bunny even hid eggs and baskets all over our room.  I wonder how he found us?

Then a long nap at the hotel before another amazing dinner and lots of play time.  {Until Finn proceeded to vomit in their new bathroom from the overabundance of candy eating… just keeping it real for you, my peeps.}


035 038

040 050


Monday brought a bouncing off the walls, very much recovered Finnegan.  Franca took us to one of her favorite parks for some time outside on a gorgeous day.  A yummy lunch followed at The Blackbird… if you ever have the occasion, go there.  Everything was outstanding, especially the french press coffee, it was locally roasted and the best coffee I have ever had.  Y’all I have had A LOT of coffee.  It was that good.  Also, the lemonade.  Unreal.   

Lunch was followed by a crazy trek all over the city for the boys and a nap for the girls.  Swimming.  And barbeque for dinner that deserves it’s own post.

001 043



One last egg hunt, some bathroom reno photos, and we packed up and were on our way.  The Davester decided we were going to have some adventure, damn it.  Just wait until you hear about that on Thursday.  Hint:  He’s never picking anything again.

196 198

211 209

One more night in Lexington with Aunt Lisey and home.  Exhausted and happy to have spent time with good friends.

We’re ready to go back any time you’ll have us Nik. 


McKenna said...

I can't talk my husband into one more either, no matter how many babies I make him hold. Love the plastic cups at your Easter table.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I'm so jealous! I want to snuggle Nikki's girls so bad. I can't really relate to the 'want another baby' thing though, I'm still in the 'I'd rather die than have another' mindset! Oh well.

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