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01 November 2012

Halloween 044

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It is so hard to plan Halloween costumes in Ohio, there are some years it is snowing and some years that you’re walking around in a t-shirt. Last week it was eighty degrees, this week it was forty. FORTY. Finn had planned to be Hawkeye for Trick or Treating, but it was so cold I gave him the option of being Spidey or wearing a coat over his Hawkeye costume. He chose Spidey. Tate wore two long sleeve shirts, pants under her tights, and a sweater, scarf, and gloves. It was cold.

Dave took them trick or treating with friends while my sister and I sat on the porch bundled up under blankets with Thriller and Purple People Eater playing on Pandora. Lyndsey requires music accompaniment for the serious business of costume watching and candy passing out, I’m pretty sure it’s because we owned the Monster Mash record as kids, we’d play Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini a million times and dance around the living room.

Tate spent most of the time bundled under a blanket in her stroller just people watching, but he did let her go to just a couple houses, our close neighbors and a few friends in the neighborhood. He said she was so excited walking up to trick or treat with her brother, carrying her little bucket with a huge smile on her face. She thought she was very grown up.

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Unknown said...

SO cute....i just love Tate's costume! You did such an awesome job. It was perfect here for trick ot treating...not too hot or cold. i can remember my first Halloween in the midwest when we were in college and handing out was so freaking cold, I was like people go out trick or treating in this cold ass

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