Thankful It’s Over.

25 November 2012

Trust me when I tell you the secret to great leftover turkey sammies.  Cranberry sauce and Havarti cheese. 


We had a great weekend, but I’m ready for some quiet.  It was jam packed fun, mixed in with some epic kid meltdowns just in case that holiday spirit tried to make an early appearance.  We can’t have that, you know.   

A whole packed post filled week awaits you.

I hope you and yours had a great one too!  Who is ready for some quiet time?


Kim Moore said...

I could not wait for Sunday to come. John's whole family came in from all over. Usually it's just us and his mom, stepdad and sister. I was a little overwhelmed by the 20 people but I understand why they felt they needed to be here. I really need some quiet. I'm looking forward to all your posts.

yourfriendrobin said...

Weird, I just discovered Havarti about 2 weeks ago. It was awesome with apple slices and pea pods.

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