26 November 2012

I’m ready for these thankful posts to be done on Facebook.  I think people were supposed to go the whole month, but most of mine are already over it.  It’s a reach when you’re saying you are thankful for apple pie and coffee and naps and that your kids didn’t kill one another because of a 15 hour car trip.  I mean, duh we all know that.  It’s also too much when you write an essay each day, it makes me think you’re trying to talk yourself into feeling thankful about making beds or doing laundry.  I am not thankful for those things to be honest, if you didn’t have to do those things, THEN you should feel thankful.

I think the whole thing is bullshit and you should be happy and thankful for the good in your life most days without clogging up my Facebook feed. 

One thing I am thankful for?  My Buckeyes beat that school up north. The best thing about this is, I can finally go back to road tripping to Ann Arbor for shopping now that football season is over. It’s the end to my own little embargo.

Photo: Best day of football has arrived!  Let's go Bucks!

Thanksgiving was typical.

By three o’clock I was googling how to remove gravy from my gravy covered boobs, Tate had sweet potatoes in her hair, and we were rock paper scissoring who would tell Finn he needed to take a nap. 

The kids had a bottle of sparkling apple juice and real wine glasses so they were big time.  The food was great as usual except I think I screwed up my Meme’s stuffing, I blamed the old lady though so it’s fine.  Let’s all pray she doesn’t kick the bucket before next year because I can not be responsible for doing it on my own.  Finnegan got up on a chair in front of all sixteen of us to deliver the prayer, he called everyone to order with his duck call.  This is apparently how we do it in crazy town. 

Round two at Dave’s peeps’, we didn’t even make it to dessert before mutiny was declared and we packed up the car to put the beasts in bed.  Too much excitement and too little sleep.


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I went out on Black Friday, my cousins were here from Chicago and went with us… Morgan was dancing in H&M and I made her pose in her pajama pants with the half naked Abercrombie model just so I could send the pic to my aunt. Ah to be twelve again and out at two in the morning hopped up on soda.

I would like it noted that we waited until midnight to go because seriously, it’s crap this opening on Thanksgiving thing. The fun is being sucked out. The ads now come out a month in advance, the secret and mystery of opening that paper on Thursday morning and circling all of the deals before you with a sharpie. Now we’re opening ON Thanksgiving. The deals are even better for cyber Monday, so why trek out in the cold to shop? It makes me sad because black Friday is tradition and now I just feel eh about doing it next year.

Speaking of shopping there are oodles of stocking stuffers just waiting for you on my Pinterest board if you’re looking for the funnest ideas evah. 

What are you hoping for in your stocking?


Jill said...

Amen!! I have had it with the Thankful FB posts too.

Samantha @ 24 to 30 said...

I am sooooo with you on the thankful posts! I'm also thankful for the Buckeyes big win! :)

Noelle said...

Omg those thankful posts....they felt like they cheapen things up. If you have to force yourself to Come up with something each day are you really thankful for it?

I have to make real stuffing this week. I had to work Wednesday night so I cut some corners and made
Stove top stuffing which is fine for a random Thursday quickie dinner. But for thanksgiving....I'm so ashamed.

Also, I'm bummed that my grandpa pointe out that no one was eating green bean casserole. I love the recipe I've been using but I guess they prefer canned crap instead of fresh beans and cheesy creamy goodness!

Michelle said...

Haaaa Noelle! You can't mess with the GBC! I can't deal with the canned though, I use frozen.

Yostee said...

Our Thanksgiving was great, until we had to make an abrupt departure because my 4 year old was screeching so loud I am pretty sure you may have heard her all the way at your house!!! It was utterly ridiculous. Your corn casserole was a huge hit and green bean casserole make its way to our Thanksgiving table. I didn't eat it... simply out of spite... but that's a story for my therapist, not you guys!!!

I am SO glad that I am not the only one who hates the whole "Today I'm thankful for... having running water" crap. Seriously?!!? When do you think they ever went without running water to realize how thankful they really are?!?! Ugh!! And the whole opening on Thanksgiving really chaps my ass too. I understand there are certain professions that have to work on Thanksgiving (law enforcement, hospital workers, etc) but the poor 16 year old working at K-Mart just to get her first car is ridiculous!!! I have never Black Friday shopped but I have heard a lot of diehard shoppers have the same concerns as you about the big day!!!

Your stocking stuffer board is freaking amazing. Where do you find this stuff?!!? Sometimes I crack up when I see what all you've pinned. It makes our stockings look pretty boring. You must have had some awesome stockings as kids!!!!!! :)

Stacey said...

Lol...I kept thinking the same thing about the thankful posts blowing up my newsfeed in essay forms everyday!!
And yes starting to get sick of leftovers, however wishing I still had pie leftovers ;)

Tawny said...

I want candy and gift cards in my stocking. Hopefully for Buy Buy Baby! Lol.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

We waited until the midnight opening too, just on principle. I don't like it that Target opened at 9 pm on Thanksgiving night. There's not enough time to digest and nap before going out!

Unknown said...

glad to hear you had a good thanksgiving. And yes I am so over everyone posting what they are thankful for too, totally agree you with!
I think all the stores should be closed on thanksgiving, it's so stupid to be open. Wha'ts the point of Black friday then?! People are just finishing up eating and hanging with family and the damn store are already open. I will admit I did go out but only to Target for a TV and wasn't impressed with the sales at all.

Kim Moore said...

I agree that Black Friday is not as fun as in years past... I miss the waiting outside for stores to open. I didnt even mind when Meijer would be open but the deals were covered until the correct time. I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I did not do the facebook thankful day thing. I would do one here and there. Have a great holiday season.

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