27 November 2012

Finn:  I’m like really really really hungry.

Michelle:  Well, if you’re really really really hungry, you can go get a Clementine, a banana, a Babybel, or a yogurt.  We’re going to eat lunch in an hour.

Finn:  How many hours?

Michelle:  In an hour.

Finn:  How many hours is that?

Michelle:  An hour is one hour.

Finn:  UGH.  Mom!  That is like THREE minutes.  It’s too long.


*Homework in our house.*

Dave:  If the word rain began with the letter T, it would change the word.  Listen.  T T T T T T-rain.

Finn:  Yeah, terrain. 

Dave:  No, listen.  T T T T T T-rain.

Finn:  I know, terrain.

Dave:  T T T T T T-rain.

Finn:  Terrain.

Dave:  TRAIN.  It makes TRAIN.

Finn:  Or terrain.


Michelle:  Feed your dog, Finna.

Finn:  OK.  What else can Monty have?  Let me look.  *opens fridge*

Michelle:  Monty can have dog food Finn.

Finn:  And carrots sometimes!  And maybe an orange.

Michelle:  Dogs don’t really like citrus, but yes, he gets carrots sometimes.  Just feed him please.

Finn:  OK, Monty I’m going to give you dog food and some sugar and some half and half.

Michelle:  Finn!  Just dog food!

Finn:  What?  It’s how you make dog cereal!


013 015


Dave:  DAMN it!  That was not the right breaker.

Michelle:  What?

Dave:  I did not turn off the right breaker, the outlet was hot!

Lyndsey:  Are you ok?

Finn:  Hey dad, are you electrified?


Finn:  San Dieaaaago.  But, I told you twice.  But, I told you twice.  San Dieaaaaago.

Michelle:  What? 

Finn:  It’s a song.

Dave: *laughing so hard he is snorting.*  It’s that song, “I throw my hands up in the air some times, saying A-yo, baby let’s go!”

Finn:  No, {school friend} said it’s San Dieaaaaago!  You mean it’s not San Diego?

Michelle:  No.

Finn:  But after Dynamite, it says San Dieaaaaago, San Dieaaaaago.


Bunny @ 86n It said...

He is too much!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Oh goodness, he is so funny! I love that you're capturing these moments. So much fun to look back on when he's older!

Noelle said...

Love him! Thanks for these needed giggles today!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Love the A-YO mistaken lyric, too good!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Dog cereal... LOL
He's so funny, I always enjoy reading these.

yourfriendrobin said...

I love that an hour/how many hours is that one!

Yesterday at school one of my kids asked me when 2013 started. I said, "First it'll be Christmas, then New Year, and after that, that's when it will be 2013!" The other boy standing with him looked at me wide-eyed and said, "So 2013 is tomorrow???!!?" AUURRGH!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

LOL.....I always love these posts:))

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