Tate’s First Birthday Brunch.

02 July 2012

tate first birthday 246

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First Birthday Brunch – The Menu

  • quiche – smoked ham + fontina
  • quiche – sauteed spinach + gruyère
  • quiche – asparagus +fontina
  • quiche – sausage + gruyère
  • yogurt with fresh raspberries, blackberries, + blueberries
  • scalloped potatoes
  • breakfast sausage
  • roasted asparagus
  • croissants with homemade strawberry-vanilla jam
  • caprese with yellow grape tomatoes and miniature mozzarella

tate first birthday 183

tate first birthday 189 tate first birthday 196

First Birthday Brunch – The Sweets

  • vanilla chocolate cupcakes
  • birthday cake
  • vanilla strawberry cupcakes
  • blueberry almond crumb cake
  • vanilla meringues
  • pear brown sugar pie
  • cinnamon rolls

tate first birthday 164

tate first birthday 203

tate first birthday 303

 tate first birthday 386


  • wrapping paper for the center of the tables – Target {they no longer carry it}
  • square plates – Party City
  • napkins – Target
  • coral lanterns used as vases – Target
  • white milk glass vases – vintage
  • fonts – coral swirly font is respective, navy is print clearly
  • Tate’s racerback dress – Target

We did the same for Finnegan’s first birthday, a brunch with family at my mom’s.  I wish I had uploaded more pictures!


Anonymous said...

beautiful. how was the frosting on the cupcakes done to look rosy?

Michelle said...

I have one of those GIANT Wilton tips and it just comes out this way when you start from the middle and swirl around to the outside. I bought it {and a giant coupler} at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That is such a sweet party idea! I love the color scheme for a first birthday party - so fun and elegant!

Kim Moore said...

Very cute and very inventive idea!!!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

I will always refer to your blog when planning parties! You do such great work!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of your mom and Tate. Also the picture of Tate so thoroughly enjoying her sweets. Nice job Martha!
Aunt Linda

Unknown said...

So cute.....once again you did a great job. Your so lucky to have a place like that to have your parties at;) looks like Tate enjoyed her cake! What an awesome menu!

MommyLisa said...

That is your mom's house? The space is huge!

freedom said...

NICE!! You made the paper plate setting look so formal! Totally going to borrow some of your entertaining ideas. Where did you get the place cards for food items?

Michelle said...

Hi Freedom, I made the cards for the food items. Just a pretty font and brown kraft paper from the scrapbooking aisle! You can totally do that!

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