31 July 2012

Dave: I switched the laundry and put the towels in on hot.  Speaking of hot stuff, it’s BEACH VOLLEYBALL time!

Me: *dirty look*

Dave:  Don’t think I didn’t hear you giving your approval during the men’s diving.

Me:  Duly noted.


Are you watching?  My favorites are gymnastics, synchro diving, swimming, and volleyball.


Just A Normal Mom said...

Ha! Fair is fair, I suppose? Nothing wrong with men's diving... ;)

I love the Olympics, I don't much like NBC's coverage. Too much back story - just let me watch! We used to watch the Canadian coverage, but the station that used to cover it doesn't have the coverage anymore. Boo :(

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I'm totally not watching. I guess that would be a welcome change from House Crashers, Yard Crashers, Bathroom Crashers, etc etc etc...dang your marathons, HGTV and DIY network!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I must admit that it's taken me a bit longer than usual to get into the Olympics. Something about the spoilers I keep hearing ahead of the primetime broadcast really bothers me. But I cried when Jordyn didn't make the all around finals and rolled my eyes when Michael didn't medal.

Elise said...

Those are my faves as well.

ZDub said...

Ooh, I like your new layout, but on my laptop your sidebar is choppy...

"So Wonderful, So Marvelo-" :)

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