13 July 2012

Our nephew Reece is home from the NICU.  His parents couldn’t be happier {or more terrified} and we got to take the kids over to meet him last night.  Finn was ridiculously excited about getting to hold him.  We talked about it all afternoon.  He was concerned about how wiggly he would be because he “doesn’t like holding wiggly babies.  Like Tate.”  He wanted to make sure that I had asked Aunt Mego if it was ok that he got to see him.

He just held him and stared at him, it was really really cute.

That devil girl of ours, on the other hand, is waiting for him to get bigger so she can tackle him. She looked at him, smiled and shouted hi at him.  Then she walked over to his monitor wires and looked for a way to yank them off. 

Ahhh nothing but love in this family.

Reece, you don’t know what you’re in for.

He is so teeny tiny.  After almost a month, he’s only HALF the size Finn was as a newborn.  Crazy.  He is still on the monitor for awhile and he’s taking caffeine right now, but he’s home.  Home with his Mama and his Daddy and his furry siblings.  Right where he should be.


Anonymous said...

I remember bringing my first baby home from the NICU. No monitors, but still very stressful.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Taking our boy home from the NICU was the best day ever - so happy for them. Your son is a sweetie!

Kim Moore said...

What a very precious picture!!! So happy Reece is home. I know from experience that it will be stressful. My child use to kick the monitor wires off so alarms would go off and scare me daily. Enjoy the little one.

Unknown said...

So happy to hear the little babe is home and doing well. I couldn't even imagine delivering a baby that early and that teeny tiny. Love this picture...so very sweet.

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