23 July 2012

*During Dinner*

Dave:  Finnegan!  You do not gurgle your milk.  You are going to get it taken away if you do that again.

Finn:  Yes Daddy, but did you know, it makes it taste more better?


Finn:  Mom, pretend I am on the phone with you and you order a picnic basket full of food and it costs like 39 bucks.  OK?

Me:  OK.

Finn:  OK.  So, uh, where do you live?

Me:  In Oscar’s garbage can.  Do you know where that is?

Finn:  Yeah, that is near Hooper’s Store on Sesame Street Lane.  What number?

Me:  229.

Finn: Got it.


009 011


Finn:  I’m staying naked all day.  Naked in my underwear ALL DAY because, I can’t find shorts I want to wear.

Me:  Uh, ok.

Finn:  Actually, can YOU just find me shorts I want to wear?


Finn:  Mom!  Mom!  This is the best day ever.

Me:  Oh yeah buddy?  Why?

Finn:  Because we’re making cookies.  Can I put in the chocolate chips?

{Can I state for the record that I didn’t know that cookies were best-day-ever-making... apparently, I’m going to have to do this more often.}


 014 018



Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Oh goodness - he is so precious! I love that you write down his quotes. He will love having them when he gets older!

Just A Normal Mom said...

I so wish I'd written down the funny things my son said when he was young. I love these!

Kelly said...

Haha. Love that crazy kid of yours! =0)

C Barnes said...


Kim Moore said...

Very Cute!!! Some of the things boys come up with to say crack me up. Out of my kids JT is the one that comes up with the crazy saying... It must be a boy thing...LOL

Unknown said...

So funnny! I started to keep a note of Cameron's quotes and hopefully one day it will make it on my blog. Such a good idea. I bet you love going back and reading them....a great way to keep track of those little crazy things they say:))

Molly Page said...

The "naked all day" comment made me bust up! Do you laugh out loud when he says this stuff or are you able to keep your composure?

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